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The alien then leaves the shot, concluding the first alternate ending. This section needs expansion. Katie Powers as Olivia Alaina Mae. Oh well, I've seen this one yesterday, so let's see what my inspiration brings me.

English-language films films s science fiction films American science fiction films American films Films about astronauts Films directed by James L. The film is distributed by Dimension Films.

Apollo 18 (film)

Not as Easy as You'd Think. The movie Undress me examines our perceptions of gender and how our identity can be formed by the perceptions of others.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The researchers have determined that the aliens have been to Earth before and that human beings are, in fact, their descendants. Timur Bekmambetov Michele Wolkoff.

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It's because you lack a certain je ne sais quoi that more experienced women have. Movies Which Start With a Number. It's a house, and it's a damn big one.

The events are witnessed by Bancroft and Price, the astronauts aboard. The pair find themselves unable to contact Houston or Grey due to increased levels of interference from an unknown source. Amazing how many bedrooms are allegedly in there, and how many people manage to make out undisturbed.

Sadness, loss and disappointment as seen through the eyes of Zoey, a prostitute trying to make a better life for herself only to find that no matter how hard you try, it may never be enough. And we're sluts for a good internet puzzle. After returning to Earth, the two are immediately stymied when they try to discuss what happened. Anderson manages to contact Grey and they make arrangements for Anderson to return to Freedom.

But then, I guess, she is. As Anderson passes out he catches a glimpse of the large space rocks which begin to grow legs similar to that of spiders.

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It's one thing to passionately say the lines, but it's another thing to express it visually. Due to an impending presidential election, government officials are anxious that there be no chance of the press or the public getting an inkling of this event. They elude one team of agents, who are killed during a high-speed chase. The story of the war the international community waged against civil war stricken Sierra Leone.

British Board of Film Classification. The collision kills an astronaut in the launch bay. Katie, do you know why it is that men do not notice you? The next shot is of her as she goes back into the room to get her purse. Before Walker can enter the vehicle, he is attacked by a swarm of creatures inside his helmet, which causes his head to explode, chicken house game killing him.

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On the verge of expulsion, a hapless art student must decide between life-long ambition and love when an audacious nude model makes a dangerous demand in the middle of class. Walker feels something moving inside his spacesuit and is horrified as a spider-like creature crawls across the inside of his helmet. Behind the scenes of a porn shoot, the actors are practicing various positions.

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Walker later denies the events. Anderson prepares the lander for launch, but Walker arrives, revealing he had survived the alien encounter earlier. You can help by adding to it. While planting one of the detectors, the pair take rock samples. Kate is about to graduate.

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Walker is attacked by the creatures on his helmet, and his head explodes, killing him. They should seriously be offered chances in bigger productions, and not only because of their physique, but also because I believe that there's actual talent present. This being said, it could also be the script, making them speak or behave in a very unnatural matter. The following day the pair find that the flag they had planted is missing. An epilogue explains that many of the rock samples returned from the previous Apollo missions are now missing.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. In the final ending, Grey is seen arguing with a DoD member back on Earth, showing that Grey survived the ordeal.