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Naomi finds a paternity test in Jen's bag. Teddy has an on-off relationship with a fling he met on vacation, Shane, but they clash over their differing political beliefs. Garth departed the spin-off following the second season. But when she thought of Dixon moving away, she said she couldn't breathe and she can't live without him.

He then finds out it was Ian who was blackmailing him to force him out of the closet, and the two then break up. As Silver steals Navid away from the party to help Adrianna with her plan, Navid confesses that he has been having feelings for her. In season three he is exposed to have knowingly hired underage actors to star in his films. However, two members of the original cast will be missing. This makes Teddy mad and he attacks Ian as a fight erupts between them.

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He gives her a bracelet, and she loses her virginity to Dixon. In the later seasons, following a brief music career where he had a hit song, but quit in disgust when he learned that only happened because of record company payoffs. Raj helps Ivy stop her reckless behavior and taking drugs. In the second-season finale, ten top Liam breaks up with Naomi because he thinks she is too self-centered.

  1. He and Ivy then get into a fight when she found out Dixon was trying to pay for his own way to Australia when she said she can pay for it.
  2. Did tori really like lifetime's the table below per exchange act rules at their way.
  3. After Navid's plan failed, both Mark and Annie take over and start making out.
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However, when Rhonda attempts to kiss Ethan, he refuses her and clarifies that he is still going out with Annie. After she got pregnant, Jesse proposed to her, and after receiving her grandmother's blessing they were married in a civil ceremony. Confused, she asks Adrianna for advice. Adrianna breaks up with Navid after she begins to have feelings for Teddy Montgomery and wants to pursue a relationship with him. However, three step dating bellevue he gets back with her.

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Fox ordered six episodes of the reboot in February. She then tries to win him back. Diego and Ivy go out and post street art and eventually they become a couple. Ian runs into Teddy the night of the benefit and Teddy tells Ian to stay away from him. Annie, feeling guilty for having killed his uncle, becomes friends with Jasper.

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Jasper calls Annie to tell her that if he can't be with her there is not a reason to live. Portrayed by April Parker-Jones in one episode in season one and three episodes in season two, Dana Bowen is Dixon's birth mother. However, when she goes to the hospital to pick Silver up she finds the room Jackie was in is empty and realizes she has made a mistake which she will regret. Jason Priestley was the last to be cast for the show. Was this review helpful to you?

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When Jen leaves Ryan to care for Jacque alone, he turns to Debbie for help, and the two end up hooking up. He often serves as a moral compass for the gang, particularly after Jim and Cindy Walsh leave the show. When he overhears Annie presenting Rhonda's painful story as her own, we've been dating for almost he becomes angry and spends the Valentine's dance with Rhonda. Cannon sexually harassed her.

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She asks him out, but he turns her down, saying he is still hurt after finding out about her and Oscar. In revealing this, she also told her ex-boyfriend Harry Wilson that he was the father. Love to be the fourth series beverly hills t f. Charles Clark, portrayed by James Patrick Stuart in the first season, is Naomi's uptight, businessman father, who spoils his daughter and gets her whatever she wants.

He only lasted only one season without having any character development at all and is never mentioned again throughout the show's run. He does not tell her that the cancer and leukemia is still there though. Andrea Zuckerman Gabrielle Carteris. He finally accepted a position with the Washington, D. However, speed dating joliet il Naomi concludes that the secret nature of their relationship is making her jealous and overly possessive and the two eventually become open about their relationship.

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He has some storylines helping Brandon to defend his presidency in one episode but relatively minor compared to the other characters. He loves the main cast, and often comes to the rescue of the characters. The following is a list of characters that are, or at one time were, a recurring guest over the three seasons of the series.

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Kelly and Donna opened their own clothing store in a mall, and Kelly started dating a lawyer from another floor of the mall, Matt Durning. He informs her he knows that she killed his uncle, and then blackmails her so they can continue dating. Annie and Liam start dating. Afterwards, she takes Naomi in her arms and openly stated that she loves her. Dixon then discovers that Ivy slept with Oscar as he dumps her again.

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Furthermore, when Annie tells Liam that she is going to break up with Charlie and take his side, he dismisses her and tells her she was right. Austin Tallridge, portrayed by Justin Deeley in season four, is a new love interest for Naomi. How about beverly hills shannen doherty's health setback after news broke earlier this happen. He is mentioned a couple of times after his death, but otherwise absent. Annie who first opposes to Liam's decision, later makes-up with him and tells him to come to her after he finds what he's looking for.


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  • She went into labor in the middle of the wedding ceremony and, at the hospital, insisted on completing the marriage vows before going into the delivery room.
  • Dixon asks Ivy why she never opens up to him, when he tells her about his family problems and his past.
  • Harry's daughter Annie and his wife Debbie eventually begin growing suspicious of Sean's identity, particularly when Annie overhears one of his phone calls.
  • Liam then walks off with the girl who paid in the bachelor auction.
  • Brenda then finds out that she can never become pregnant.
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Silver loses her virginity to him on Valentine's Day after a romantic dinner in which he gives her a bracelet. Navid tells Silver that he can't stop thinking about her and he asks her if what he feels for her is just all in his head. She was the mother of Kelly Taylor and Erin Silver. Ivy talks to Caleb and he tells her about a mourning event he experienced in Ireland, and she decides to have one on the beach.

When he asks Teddy about it, Teddy tells him to keep it a secret. Adrianna finds out about Silver and Navid. Ethan and Annie finally break up after agreeing that all their relationship has become is a constant fight. In the van Austin reveals his true feelings to Naomi and they almost kiss until Max opens up the van. She dates Dixon and he finds her a job at Liam's bar.

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The two start talking and then have sex in the bathroom. When Debbie tells Dixon that he can't go to Australia, he sneaks out of the house while Harry and Debbie are arguing. Naomi confesses to Max that she still has feelings for him but he pretends that he could not remember her saying that.

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