Against The Gods The Remarkable Story Of Risk

Against the Gods The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter L. Bernstein

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The correlations between certain subjects, mathematics and physics for instance, were higher than those between perhaps French and music. Merchants needed to decide whether the cost was worth the risk. Most of the reading is on people, the problems they tried to solve and their brilliant approaches to solve the problem of uncertainty. Everything else in that paragraph is essentially junk.

Bernstein returns to the distinction between probability and risk. Risk is inherent to any activity and uncertainty is all prevalent. The book leaves a bit to be desired.

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Against the Gods the Remarkable Story of Risk. (eBook )

In brief, I highly recommend this book. This is another hard question to answer. The deepest early studies concerned games of chance. Having to talk about the dot-com bubble? Thomas Bayes's analysis of the mixing of old and new information in the formation of probability estimates.

One person found this helpful. The commonest kind of trouble is that it is nearly reasonable, but not quite. This turned out to be a bit of a slog for me. Fortunes have been lost on Wall Street by assuming regularities that do not exist.

Against the Gods Quotes

Against the Gods Quotes

In other words, what is the probability that A, who is leading, would actually be the first to win six games? The bell curve seem to fit so many things that one observed in life. It's been refreshi I am glad I read this book for the many historical insights it revealed me, a bit less for the way it has been written.

Galton borrowed extensively from his work in developing his own theories. It is hard to come up with an objective answer. There has been an accident. As I write this in December Britain has just voted to exit the European Union and the United States is just elected Donald Trump, both events absolutely in spite of the above-named powers that be.

The Remarkable Story of Risk? It is his gift to posterity, and what a remarkable gift! The actions we dare to take, which depend on how free we are to make choices, are what the story of risk is all about.

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Peter Bernstein's latest book, Against the Gods The Remarkable Story of Risk, establishes his standing as America's preeminent scholar-practitioner in the field of finance. Against the Gods sets up an ambitious premise and then delivers on it. Against the Gods is a classic, a tour de force by the late Peter Bernstein. In this part of Gods Bernstein tips his hand, telling us that although the assumption of rational behavior is a useful starting point, it describes the real world only up to a point. This is an interesting treatise on uncertainty, bondhu tomay e gaan shonabo bikel belay mp3 probability and risk based on the Gods vs.

There is some approach to diversification as it applies to portfolio theory in finance, and there is a short discussion of options, but both subjects are tucked into the last chapters of the book. Sometimes, I look back in wonder at the decisions good and bad that I made on risk and investing. The most annoying bit is that it is obvious in some parts of the book that the author does not fully understand what he is talking about.

Against the Gods the Remarkable Story of Risk. (eBook )

Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. This book is about how our perception of risk, especially with respect to decisions with financial outcomes, advanced rather slowly from ancient times to the present. The E-mail Address es field is required.

But this is ultimately a very small achievement for a book that claims to tackle so much more. Religious awe for Gaussian distributions appearing in nature makes me wonder if the author has ever heard of the fucking central limit theorem. No doubt, Peter Bernstein has done extensive research for this book. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. He will pay Paul one ducat if it comes up on the first toss, to if it comes up on the second, four on the third, and so on.

There might be other books on the same theme but which are far better. What are the chances that a pair of fair dice will come up totaling three? Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Would you also like to submit a review for this item?

Interesting book on how risk evolved. It was a massive manual undertaking, looking at the church records from every parish in the city. He liked to make arcane bets, such as the chances of failing to throw a six in five roles of a fair die, on which he could calculate the chances of winning and his opposite number could not. In modern economics, one model of rational decision making is the expected utility hypothesis Decisions are made with the goal of maximizing one's expected satisfaction back to Bernoulli again. Galton demonstrated why this must be so.