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An office has been set up at Mughaltuli. The two of us then headed for Yar Mohammad Khan's house. The organizers declared that they do not want to be a part of Muslim league anymore as they remain neglected.

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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was in prison, so he couldn't attend that meeting. After that the chairman of Ispahani Group requested him and he started working and joined M. The first party council meeting was summoned in Dhaka.

But due to irregular publication of it Ittefaq did not work. Yar Mohammad Khan began to assist me in party work and I found him indispensable. Those who were abusing Yar Mohammad Khan, vanished immediately. Yar Mohammad's men accompanied him and they attacked the local Muslim League office, which was just round the corner in Rai Saheb Bazar.

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Abdul Karim took refuge in Afghanistan to wage an armed resistance against Pakistan. After Shamsul Huq I had to organize the party. Shawkat Mia was looking after all the logistical details. It will be best for you to go to our village. He told the Governor that he would soon submit the list of the ministers.

Mirza Mehdy Ispahani who was a close companion of Yar Mohammad Khan flew by a helicopter and assisted him by providing necessary fund and attended the historic Kagmari conference. Governor of Balochistan, Pakistan. Meanwhile our opponents began to hail abuse on us from outside the office. Ataur Rahman Khan was already there. In People were gearing up for a grand meeting of workers.

They used to hang around the first floor of the Cooperative Bank building. National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh Second ed. Yar Mohammad Khan, a veteran League worker of Dhaka was assisting him.

At that meeting Shahid Surwahardi, Moulana Bhasani and all of us decided that Awami League wouldn't join his cabinet now. Sheikh Fazilatunnesa kept on crying.

He couldn't accept the fact of the assassination of Sheikh Mujib. When we reached the building we found them deep in discussion. Hafizuddin took a rickshaw too and sped to Yar Mohammad's neighborhood.

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Huq sent a message that he would include me in his cabinet. Eventually during this time, Ittefaq went from being a weekly to becoming a daily newspaper. However, I was not made privy to their discussions which took place in another room.

Redirected from Ahmad Yar Khan. Redirected from Mir Ahmad Yar Khan. Yar Mohammad Khan was a long-time resident of the city and came from a good family, was well-off, old malayalam film songs karaoke and had many people working for him. Begum Jahanara Khan passed the blame to the government instead of Sheikh Fazilatunnesa in order to stop her crying. Mir Mohammad Azam Jan Khan.

However, getting a hall for the purpose proved difficult. Their colleagues at the Muslim League now joined in and attacked us.

He did this through a power of attorney and at that time since Moulana Bhashani was the president therefore his name was published as a founder of The Daily Ittefaq. Yar Mohammad loved Bangabandhu so much that he never denied any request of him.

Being afraid of Bhashani's activity against west Pakistan many people turned their back. This article needs additional citations for verification. This article has multiple issues.

This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. Khan was the chief Secretary of East Pakistan. When I came back to Dhaka I went to Mr. From this day forward, no one had the courage to assault or harass us any more in Dhaka.

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