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Mcranda only got as far as they did because of Andy, Aaryn and other unwitting minions doing there work while they stayed in bed all day. However i do think they can get her all the way. Jess needs to let Judd know this, free online dating website very directly and not in a half-assed way. It sounds like Spencer will go up as the replacement nominee and he will break the record for most times on the block in one season. You are so disgusting acting all entitled and that everyone is beneath you.

  1. You may be right, but it points to some serious mood swing issues.
  2. What a pig and a disgusting hiney!
  3. It is disgusting and demeaning.
  4. And Candice is a Pediatric Speech Therapist.

Judd reminds me of Jeff Boomhauer from King of the Hill! Your interpretation may not be the only one, or even the right one, or most importantly, the intended one. She lies, deals, and schemes just like a political candidate would.

Big Brother 15 Thank You America
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Hey Bigbubbabronson, I totally agree with your saying, hsv dating in atlanta this is so true. In the real world Helen is a political consultant. He is also telling everyone everything so its hard to figure out who he is aligned with. But I would like to see Spencer go before her.

So true Amanda looks shabby and dirty, she really need to take a shower. Aaryn being around Amanda so much has changed her! It was exciting to see Amanda go up on the block. Rob thinks, without Amanda, McCrae can rise up.

Big Brother 15 Thank You America

Sounds to me like Maggie long should be one of the current houseguests. Barbara Vote is over for this week. Elissa is now in the kitchen making her lunch. Rob, Eric and Brian agree that this will not happen.

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Hopefully elissa will go next and or aarynation this year I really am not into who I want to win, poor casting on bb part I have to say. Even everyone else was surprised. That is why he works so well for her.

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Then, similar results, storage of flora and hotels. She is partners with her mother Marilyn. Marilyn will have to be reinflated by the time Spencer gets home.

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Andy needs to go after Amanda, and McCrae. Maybe the many times McCrae told her to tone it down and that she was coming across as a bully have finely taken root in her shallow soil or soul. Eric believes that the fans will not let the others off the hook. Elissa says she is going to try and hook up with you. Grumpy face Amanda never had a social game until she hooked into McCrea.

So do we know yet who replacement nom is for Spencer? Elissa says yeah I told them how much he trusts them. We can use all the help we can get. Elissa says that Amanda said I bet your husband would love me and my breasts. By copying and respects them.

  • Andy, no need to discuss nor the others as it is pretty obvious.
  • It is past time that she learns that actions and words have consequences.
  • Instead, it looks like Aaryn is going to nominate Candice as a replacement for Spencer and Howard will be voted out of the house on a vote.
  • Archived from Northern Africa, Arab forces shaping sexual references, and Moroccan architectural styles.
  • Everyone loves to watch freakshows.

Of course, with all the whining which would surely occur with Rachel and Elissa, the other contestants would probably move to another island and leave the two of them there to fend for themselves. Got to run Pool is waiting, see you all soon. Website admin will know that you reported it. Spencer one we can all agree with her on at least.

Keeping Andy is good for Mcrea. Andy has a bottle of white win. Therefore, production would not have told her anything about Survivor, she had first hand knowledge. She is smart and strong and knows the game. When are they going to make their moves?

Big Brother Sunday Night Recap for Labor Day Weekend - 9/01/13

It will be a pr nightmare! The light is being turned on in her head. Peeple be pikin on her but I betz she iz more den yuz gotz at home. Spencer is bad also, he is a gutter rat, that follows the house majority, Who would I like to see in the end? Elissa asks Judd if they have bottled water.

Eric adds that she did go to the doctors and it is fractured but does not need a cast. Rob is not sure this will be held against Judd. Read beyond the headlines if you really want the whole story. They spoke to each other with respect and on the same level.

Follow Rob Facebook Youtube Twitter. Watch the youtube video of her on a bridal talk show. Watch the Show on Youtube. Everyone, including Candice, free dating and chat websites will hopefully learn a lot from the experience.

Big brother 15 amanda and mccrae hook up

They are informative and insightful. Brian explains that she fell down the staircase. Glad Ill Will tradmark is still here.

Would you like to know how you

Big Brother 15 Bachelor Party YO Who stole my chicken cutlet t ty

She thinks she runs the house and she is getting on my nerves. Judd says no matter who went up it will work either way. She feels that Aaryn is more loyal to Amanda than her.

Andy says I know I am staying, I am just so nervous. Elissa says I would love to do survivor. Survivor is prerecorded not live the people have been back months. Hope people call tomorrow morning where they will answer their phones and not just get an answering machine. Longtime fan so disappointed with this worthless crew.

What makes you think Elissa had Botox? Yes, I feel the same and I had hope for Judd, but sadly even he has let me down. He is telling people what they want to hear to position himself from week to week. It is already rad, adding those would make it one of the best tumblrs out there!

We need a new player to be thrown into the mix! She is trying to do the best with what they give to her. Aaryn is now lying low and acting like she care about those folks, if they fall for it then they get what they get if she makes it to the end. He would have nothing to gain with telling Spencer that alone.

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Aaryn continues to do her make up. The women are verbally ruthless with each other and have such fowl mouths. Grodnor is only running the production team. Judd says I wish I had a pen I want to write down a dream I had. He will get evicted soon enough!

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