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Items can be carried through the Wi-Fi Connection. For example, both daytime and night will occur in the village depending on the current hour, and snow will fall during the cold months.

The entire soundtrack is changed.

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The stylus and the touch screen make it much easier to move, manage items, and type letters. The old password system for shipping items between towns is gone. Container furniture such as wardrobes and dressers work differently.

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Wild World also adds the ability to draw constellations that are visible in the night sky. Wild World features a high level of customization. Wild World first began, it was decided that nothing was going to be region-specific in order to make the game easier to localize. The world now scrolls continuously, without sudden camera changes at acre boundaries. New holidays, dating agency cyrano fashion such as Yay Day and La-Di day.

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City Folk Nook sells four houses again. Different events occur at particular times of the year, such as holidays and the variation of collectible fauna depending on the month or season.

This feature replaces the basements of the GameCube game. The sky can be seen, and it is possible to draw constellations that will appear at night. The journal feature, where it was possible to write a public or private journal each month, is gone.