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Deep trance refers to hypnotic mid- and downtempo with a steady beat. Deep Trance Deep trance refers to hypnotic mid- and downtempo with a steady beat.

Accompanied by the brilliant artwork of Funilab for an intense visual companion, this release will send the listener to new psychedelic realms. It is believed to have anti anxiety effect as it is very effective in controlling blood pressure. World music projects, travel journey shows and much more. Great for oriental and middle east projects, Africa and desert scenes, Arab documentary, oriental backgrounds and much more. Love to downnload free ringtones?

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Listen as this story unfolds and takes you through what is learned during this pilgrimage into sound. The new artists are really interested in singing this music to delight listeners. Atmospheric sad background music.

Arabic eastern modern background music track with middle eastern traditional instruments and modern electronic drum rhythm. Suitable for Dervish dance, Middle Eastern journey, oriental style projects, travel documentaries, and more.

Featured in Arabic Ringtones. This is an Arabic middle eastern track, orchestrated with oud, Arabian flute, and percussion. This is a positive arabic tribal middle eastern percussion drums music, foye medicinal chemistry full of energy and stomp beat.

Mastered by Colin Bennnun Stooodio Mastering. Sound Machine Original Mix. Oriental music is said to be healer. It will reduce all your anxiety and stress and make you completely stress free. Suitable for a video project that deals with modern Arab countries.

Festive Illumination Original Mix. It is very instrumental in reducing cardiovascular diseases and hears attacks. This track is great for ethnic and oriental scenes, mountains, waterfalls, grassland, herds of sheep, desert, documentary videos about nature, people, eastern world, and more.

Floating and chill oriental ethnic music, that creates a hypnotic, feel-good mood. Oriental meditation music loops is very instrumental in keeping your mind and body balanced. Great for Arabian ethnic moods, jungle background, tribal and African moods, desert scenes, mysterious moods, suspense and adventure. Relax oriental music as the name suggests acts as a great source of relaxation for those listeners who are highly stressed. There are many websites from where you can download such music of your choice.

Arabic Trance shows

Featuring Arabic percussion and oriental duduk. Oriental music is very wide in diversity. Relax oriental music creates peaceful atmosphere around you. Cactus Dream Original Mix.

Phono Synthesis Music

It brings great relaxation to your mind. Mental Space Original Mix. Magic bright colors of orient, ethno sound in this positive good mood music. It proved to be one of the best healers. You will always light hearted and completely devoted towards meditation.

Different styles emerged and blended to this unique variation of psybient and downtempo. Some years ago he started composing and producing his first tracks, channeling the universal input flowing through his being. Cinematic and ethnic middle eastern epic sound.

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Arabian Music

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It has been a source of entertainment and enlightens your mind. Cool as a track for world fusion commercial, pumping club scene in Chinatown, Middle Eastern politics, cultural melting pot, exotic fashion show, any audiovisual product.

Digital Euphoria Recordings. Maria Opale Ilya Fly Remix. Perfect as a soundtrack for adventures movie score, Aladdin and his wonderful lamp, Arabian Nights tales, and historically based movies. Know The Future Original Mix.

An authentic and Arabian Middle Eastern track with traditional Turkish elements. Codec Detector Original Mix. Mastered Newport Studios with cover artwork by Sarnarschourt Records. Serenity Soul Lifters Remix.

This track is great for ethnic and oriental scenes, desert and Arabian landscapes, world travel shows, documentaries tv, and much more. Uniting the knowledge of artists from Ukraine, Brazil, Portugal, and Italy, we are very thrilled to give you a glimpse of some Altered Perceptions. Arabic eastern beautiful background music track with oriental ethnic instruments. Millions of people around the globe are fond of it. You can play even when you are on meditation state.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. With this music you can enjoy benefits of meditation no matter how much busy you are. Dark Perceptions Original Mix.

It would be great experience to be close with this music. The best thing is that it would make your mind completely tension free and fresh. Great for mysterious intro music, Oriental landscape, adventure games.

New Best Featured Categories. Time To Dream Original Mix. Northern Lights Original Mix. Cinematic and melodic ethnic piece. Meditation is state of mind in which you directly contact to your inner soul.

The relaxation that it produces keeps you free of stress. Download the latest version here. Fake Account Original Mix.