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Shana was absent from Wilden's funeral which makes her even more suspicous. How do these two know each other? And is Missy implying that Shana and Emily are already friends?

Shane West and Jenna Dewan - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Shana is an adjunct for the A-Team. Missy who plays herself will run into Shana at an airport, and Shana will insist on introducing Missy to Emily at The Brew. Shana introduces herself to Emily and Hanna, and once she learns who Emily is, sala de emergencias historias ineditas online dating she becomes defensive and her entire demeanor changes.

If this is true, it would seem Jenna wanted Toby. In retrospect, however, we wonder if Jenna was not just trying to make Ali jealous, but was actually interested in Emily. He claims that Jenna manipulated him into a sexual relationship by threatening to tell their parents that they were already in one.

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Emily and Paige proceed to get into a fight and Emily questions Paige about Shana's odd behavior earlier, and how she saw the way they looked at each other. Emily comes out from behind the door where she was hiding, and goes onto the stores computer. Paige claims that it's over, and that Shana was just a substitute for when Paige thought she would never get the real thing, Emily. Janel Parrish Mona finds it interesting that Shana is from South Carolina, which is where Ali was the weekend before she disappeared. Paige wonders why Shana didn't just tell Paige that on the phone, and Shana replies saying that it must have slipped her mind.

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Paige inquires about the costume once again, and Shana turns and says that she checked and can't give out that kind of information. Are they romantic or just friends? It is highly hinted at in this interview.

At various points in the web series, we see Shana relaying information to an anonymous recipient. When asked about her life, Shana says she came from New York, but was originally from South Carolina. Or were they something Jenna was actually invested in?

Paige didn't want to tell Emily because she didn't want to hurt her. This could also mean she is going to cause trouble between Emily and Paige's relationship.

The two shared this scene in the woods - subtle enough to be close friends, but intimate enough to be something more. It all happened so fast, and there was always a taste of scheming about it. It would be later revealed that that they The Alliance were afraid of him and probably happy that he was gone.

At first, the Liars thought Toby was molesting his step-sister, but Toby later reveals to Spencer that it was the other way around. Though an interview would lead us to assume that she is only an adjunct. We now know that the Queen of Hearts is Melissa and Darren. Paige explains that she got into a fight with some girl on the train in the costume, and she wants to know who it was.

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What do you think of the relationship between Jenna and Shana? She might be dating Jenna in the show. Her clear intentions were to have Paige alone.

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