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However, after the Chicago showing Todd cut four minutes out of the Western sequence where Cantinflas is pursued by Indians. Theatrical release poster. Films directed by Michael Anderson. Frankly, at three hours and being a mids film, I thought it might be too slow in too many spots but that was not the case.

Goofs At the beginning of the movie, in London, carriages drive on the right side and travel roundabouts in a counter-clockwise direction. Kathy Bates Movies I've Seen. And it is something so rare as a literate one, which does not ridicule the premise it is based on.

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If I ever catch you in here again, I'll cut you up in a thousand pieces. The role of Passepartout was greatly expanded from the novel to accommodate Cantinflas, the most famous Latin-American comedian at the time, and winds up as the focus of the film.

In Spanish and Latin American posters and programs of the movie, Cantinflas is billed above the other players because he was very popular in Spanish-speaking countries. Only a brief few shots with Edward R.

He just has to make sure a train's schedule meets the required sailing schedule which meets the required coach schedule and so on. In his memoirs, Niven described the whole thing as being dangerously unstable though stability improved as it was dismantled as though to feed it into its own furnaces as the plot required. Color Eastman Color Color Technicolor.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As well as being the boss of the Virgin Group, he is also famed for his sometimes life-threatening ballooning record attempts. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

All had their skin color altered with dye. Goofs The Overland Stage Company went out of business in the s so could not have been used.

Producer Mike Todd felt Peck wasn't taking the role seriously enough, and fired him. He used Indians for a fight on a train in the West. The only thing is he is not always easy to understand. Fort Kearney Station Master. As a publicity stunt, Todd Jr.

The transcontinental railroad was completed in so would have been used instead. Aouda Phileas Fogg Jean Passepartout. Murrow as the prologue narrator A.

Classics you can watch over and over. Audible Download Audio Books. There was also a model kit of the balloon, a board game, and a Dell Comics adaptation.

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The scene of a collapsing train bridge is partly without models. Only the bullfighting scene went on too long.

Around the World in 80 Days ( film)

Of course, she made it difficult to spot her playing a brown-skinned Indian princess. There is also a cat at the Reform Club. General Fang as Karen Joy Morris. There is also a comic bullfighting sequence especially created for Cantinflas that is not in the novel.

Perelman based on the classic novel of the same name by Jules Verne. The exception is the American ship shown at the intermission point, which is real.

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Trivia Gregory Peck was originally cast as the U. However, I have always appreciated the British vocabulary, so much more refined than here in North America. Aouda and Passepartout then arrive, surprising everyone, as no woman has ever entered the Reform Club before.

Academy Award for Best Picture. Doesn't seem like a fair and complete calculation to me. Stamp Proctor - San Francisco Politico.

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The reels just jump cut with an awkward sound gap between the first and second half. He is very likable and entertaining. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The intermission was also cut for the re-release which included the freeze frame of the ship and fade into the second half. It was regarded equally as the top award until the award category was discontinued the following year.

As I understand it, movie companies now make most of their money off the rental market, so I am rather mystified to hear that a movie flopped just because it didn't earn back its cost at the U. Then, the actual story begins with no opening credits whatsoever. One of the most famous sequences in the film, the flight by hydrogen balloon, is not in the original Jules Verne novel.

Around The World In 80 Days

It seems like more of a travelogue than anything else, at this point. The two accidentally end up in Spain, where Passepartout engages in a comic bullfight.

Alternate Versions Some commercial television prints cut out the Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo sequence. The movie makes the only right choice, namely to update the classic story and add new levels and new ideas, which keeps it fresh and adventurous. Passed Drama Family Romance.

To win a bet, an eccentric British inventor beside his Chinese valet and an aspiring French artist, embarks on a trip full of adventures and dangers around the world in exactly eighty days. Edit Storyline An adventurer, Passepartout, ends up accompanying time-obsessed English gentleman, Phileas Fogg, on a daring mission to journey around the world. An adventurer, Passepartout, ends up accompanying time-obsessed English gentleman, Phileas Fogg, on a daring mission to journey around the world. This movie is, absolutely first and foremost, huawei mobile broadband e1732 unlock software a comedy.