Athena and poseidon dating, athena the greek goddess of war and wisdom

Who was stronger posiden or Athena? The people chose Athena olive tree and named the island of her. Zeus and Athena shared many epithets and spheres of expertise. Her daddy was Zeus the god of gods, if she wanted him punished he would've been, again, she blamed Medusa and she was the goddess of war so probably had a hot temper. So no, dating a girl who's it wasn't that she couldn't or wouldn't punish him if she wanted.

Why did Athena defeat Poseidon? Who did not like Poseidon? When Athena won and became the patron goddess of the city, having no luck on there were still some tensions between the two. Athena and Poseidon were rivals in the contest for Athens.

Did Athena and Poseidon date

These two have over-lapping influence here. Why does Athena not hold Poseidon responsible for desecrating her temple with Medusa? Poseidon and Medusa when she was human dated and Poseidon took Medusa on a date in Athena's temple which showed serious disrespect to Athena.

Traill, Demos and trittys. This serpent is believed to be the guardian-spirit. The columns are of the Doric Order.

My question is why would Athena not find any fault with Poseidon? Each offered a gift to the city, Poseidon offered a body of water and Athena planted the first olive tree. Is Poseidon in love with Athena? It was built on the ruins of a temple dating from the Archaic period. The Olympian god who were the judges of the contest, decreed to give to the virgin goddess the city patronage.

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Is Athena related to Poseidon? Why, for example, do you think Athena is completely powerless compared to Poseidon? Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Women in ancient Athens outnumbered men, so the virgin goddess was the winner.

Cambridge University Press. Poseidon is not a fan of Athena. For one they are both quickly angered an extremely vengeful, Poseidon with to whole Odysseus thing and Athena with Medusa. Athena was recognized by ancient Greeks to have many traits, including the powers of war, peace, vintage tupperware dating protection and healing.

Both of them can bring storms to those at sea. Cape Sounion itself is located between the villages of Kato Sounio and Legrena. No Poseidon did not have a crush on Athena.

What does Posiedon not like? Athena was not the enemy of Poseidon, she was his niece. Athena was named the patron goddess of Athens after defeating whom? Both of these deities were associated with war.

Athena s Relationship with Other Gods and Goddesses Fiercely Bright One
Who Is Poseidon - The Greek God Poseidon

If so, you should summarise those points here rather than rely on a link. We can see that in Illiad and in the story about Arachne. There are many myths that concern poseidon. He is a elder god, which makes him second only to Zeus. Athena was awarded the city.

How were Poseidon and Athena alike? Is Athena a main god along with Poseidon Hades and Zeus? Defiling it by having sex there would be bad enough, but with Athena's enemy?

Athena the greek goddess of war and wisdom

Does Poseidon have rivals? Why was Athena's enemy Poseidon? By the way, Athena is a goddess, not a god. Poseidon and Athena fought for Athens but, in the end Zeus gave it to Athena. Athena Hates Poseidon and Medusa.

Profile of The Greek God Poseidon

Athena s Relationship with Other Gods and Goddesses

They fighted for the spot of patron god for the city of Athens. They chose Athena for her gift of the olive tree, and named the city Athens. What is Athena and Posidon's relationship like? There are numerous other accounts of the birth of the goddess of wisdom. Poseidon was her uncle, the brother of Zeus her father.

This all makes it seem like Athena just wanted an easy way out, and that would be by punishing medusa. Instead of a head on contest, the Athenians were called to cast their vote over whom they wanted as their patron god. What city state is Poseidon's favorite?

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Who Was Athena Married To

What are the two reasons Annabeth gives for why Poseidon and Athena don't get along? The deme was located between Amphitrope to the west and Thorikos to the north. Well, Athena and Poseidon were challenging each other to be the god or goddess of a city. View all posts by jewelofaset.

Percy and annabeth dating fanfiction

  1. History of the Peloponnesian War.
  2. Did Poseidon have a crush on Athena?
  3. She was not powerful enough to punish Poseidon.
  4. Thus Athena won the contest this was why Athena was enemies with Poseidon.

Relationship with Hestia Athene was associated with the work women did in the home. In Greek mythology who didn't Athena like? In the course of the execution of the twelve labors of Hercules, the goddess assisted the mighty hero whenever he was in distress. No, she was mad at him and she was a goddess and he was a god, but she dint consider a human, even one that worshipped her, worthy. Who did the Greek god Athena hate?

Athena found Love

Therefore, good hook up you should add in that information. The other reason why Athena hated Poseidon was because she caught him and his girlfriend Medusa in her temple and felt very insulted. What problems did Poseidon have?

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  • Epigraphical and topographical studies in the organization of Attica.
  • The two primary poets of ancient Greece, Hesiod and Homer, narrate the unusual way she was given birth.
  • Poseidon made a salt water spring and Athena made an olive tree.
  • This was an extremely popular Greek painting with Cassandra holding firmly Athena's statue and Ajax pulling her generally roughly.
  • Poseidon gave to them a well, and Athena gave them an olive tree.

In some versions of the story, the goddess Gaia came up from the earth and gave the baby Erichthonois to Athena. Are Athena and Medusa friends? Translated by Murray Stein. Her hostility against Aphrodite showed when she advised and assisted the greek hero Diomedes, to strike the goddess of love.

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