Clock Patience

Get Your Game on FreeArcade. You're on the right track by matching like-cards, but you should put your same-numbered cards below the stack, not on top of it. Local statistics are live.

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Solitaire Tri Peaks Strict. If you get to the end of the game and you've exposed all four kings but other cards are still facedown, you lose the game. You must be logged in to add games to your MyArcade page.

The Clock (patience)

Scorpion has been implemented! Reshuffle your cards and play another hand. Solitaire Double Klondike Turn One.

If a King is revealed, it is placed face up under the central pile. Solitaire Cruel Traditional Redeal. Baker's Game has been implemented!

Clock Patience

Reveal all four kings before finding all the others and the game is over. Golf has been implemented! Solitaire Pyramid Relaxed Easy. Make sure you keep space between your piles.

If no opportunities to move are missed, every game is solvable. Montana has been implemented! Win by turning over all of the cards.

You have to find all the cards for each position of the clock without turning over all four kings. The order and stacking of the cards is left entirely up to chance, affected only by the order in which they're dealt. Look at the number or face-value of the card. Find a large, flat surface.

Clock Patience

If I turn over four cards all the same number and there are cards left on the table, where do I pick my next card from? And because we are FreeArcade. Baker's Dozen has been implemented!

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From my experience, you take from the Queen pile, and if that's done too, tubidy m3p then keep going clockwise. Patience played out in a clock face pattern. You can also play clock patience on the floor if you need more space. Spanish Patience has been implemented! Aces Up has been implemented!

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Click here to share your story. Flaming or offending other users. Flower Garden has been implemented!

You put them underneath the pile for an ace to a queen. When a card is revealed, it is placed face up under the pile at the corresponding hour and the top card of the pile of that hour is turned over. When a card is revealed, it is placed on the pile at the corresponding hour and the top card of that pile is turned over. Eight Off has been implemented! If they're too close together, they could become mixed up, which can ruin your game.

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Help answer questions Learn more. It is best to play slowly.

The game is lost if all four Kings are revealed and face down cards are still present. See also Glossary of solitaire. Any standard set of cards will work for this game, so get a deck at the store or find one around the house. Sultan has been implemented!

Solitaire Baker's Game FreeCell. Non-builder solitaire card games Single-deck solitaire card games French deck card games. Three Shuffles and a Draw. Anglo-American deck is now available! Solitaire Russian Solitaire.

Tri Peaks has been implemented! We highlight which card to turn over next and will help to put it on the right pile so you can't go wrong. You put it on the same pile and pick another one up from the pile.

Three Shuffles and a Draw has been implemented! This article needs additional citations for verification. Keep playing like this until you can't flip over any more cards. If you flip over and play your last card, then find that all of the cards have successfully been placed into their piles, you win. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Don't worry about strategy. Helena Stonewall Yukon Zodiac. If a King is revealed, it is placed on the central pile. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Double Klondike Turn Three. Shuffle the deck and get ready to deal. Four layers of cards are built on each foundation that must alternate in colour starting with either black or red is permissible.