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Any information that you could offer on both or tips would be great. It is a tiny berry current that is dried.

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Does anybody know anything about them? Frank Takacs electrical engineer The Father is same in Toronto. This will be helpful in writing for documents, if any exist.

Iwill send more information if I have more. Barbara's maiden name was Shepline? Does anyone else hate those pips with a passion like me?

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One daughters name was Margaret. Sultanas are small raisins. It's the family of my step father and I would like to contact them.

She listed Gizella Gyurszanky as next of kin. This all could point to training at the University at Sarospatak. We are a big family spread out all over Canada and the states, but nobody can get anything farther back than Steve and Barbera. Usually involving road trips and my close friends. Sajnos, nem kerultem meg kozelebb Makoi dednagyapam, szulei etc.

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En Londonban elek, de visszamegyek majd Nemetorszagba. Those are my only clues except that he always dressed better than other people, the polished gentleman and had beautiful European mannerisms and table manners. Joyce, Newcastle England It sounds to me like you are all talking about Golden Raisins, which is what we sensibly call them here in America. Satellite operators need to get data down from the satellite, process it and then make it available for developers to use in applications.

My ancestors come from East Prussia. As for me, raisin comes from Organic Goodies that my son likes and sultana comes from my wife's yummy fruit cakes I like. Storing dried sultanas, stick them in the deep freeze, ready to mix and eat, just pull them out and serve because the sultana retains its sugar in syrup form, it doesn't harden up like an ice cube. Any information is more than welcome. Gratulalok a kituno munkajara.

Well if you have any questions about me send me a message! The current was the smallest and blackest and came from small red berries, rail coach factory raebareli tenders dating they were the first picked in the picking season. If you find something out let me know. My full name at bith was Monica Varga Barany.

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According to a map, Verocze and Kiralyhaza are very close in location. Barry, Thirsk England It seems to differ, as to where you're from. He also rang the church bells and spoke of an Orthodox Church. If you are a Zagyva and do not know me, send me a message and maybe we can fill some holes on our family tree. There last name was Hauptmann.

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Researching relatives from the village of Detk. Im a wakeboarding fool and love all things around the water. Most sultanas are bleached, sulfured after drying and mechanically destalked in order to extend their storage life and prevent subsequent discolouration. In the first, sultanas and apples.

Be among the first to explore Havana with Norwegian and experience the taste of Cuba. Why have you not responded? Thank you for putting it up.

Family stories said she came from Budapest. Callum, Bristol United Kingdom Yes, but only if they are raisinably recent currant affairs.

Of the five surnames that immigrated to Detroit, Michigan in my family, only one survives. Am searching for my husbands ancestors that came from Temes, Moravitsa, Hungary. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it!

On the other hand Currants are made from the red varieties Zante or Carina and are smaller than sultana. It all started when I was food shopping and came across some boxes of dried fruits. Ha volna ideje, es egy ket ideat adna, nagyon orulnek neki. Married to Della Florance Ingram.

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