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When Simulation is completed, verify that steady state has been reached by looking at waveforms displayed on the Scope block. Regenerate Initial Conditions This example is set-up with all states initialized so that the simulation starts in steady-state. Start simulation and verify that your model starts in steady-state. This model is better adapted to simulate the low frequency electromechanical oscillations over long periods of time tens of seconds to minutes. In the Wind Turbine Generator and Drive train data, como son los piojos yahoo dating reset the inertia constants H back to their original values.

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The detailed model discrete such as the one presented in this example. Observe voltage and current waveforms on the Scope block. This model does not represent harmonics, but the dynamics resulting from control system and power system interaction is preserved.

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This model is well suited for observing harmonics and control system dynamic performance over relatively short periods of times typically hundreds of milliseconds to one second. In order to shorten the time required to reach steady-state, you will have to temporarily decrease the inertia of the turbine-generator group. This is the same technique which is used in transient stability software.