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Demographers expect the day will come when Mexico will have to import their own labor. Eduardo Leal-Cardenas of Los Angeles. Eduardo Leal-Cardenas, behind Bush, are sworn in as U. As we grow in power and influence, what kind of leaders are we?

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The history of Latinos in the United States is no different from the history of all other groups that make up the American whole. That vision was to have American leaders of the Latino culture. It doesn't bode well for the country's future not to have a workforce - of any kind. We are bound by a legacy to become better. Latinos have become the most recent testament to the possibilities of hard work in a free society.

In the rural areas of the country, other towns like Tendeparacua, are totally devoid of any working-age men. This of course, was the American Dream. Also, winners, and a companion, will be invited to receive their prizes with an all-expense paid trip to Mexico City.

Who would ever though that someone like me, from so far away, would have achieved the American Dream? There was a time when Latino involvement in San Antonio politics and business was a novelty, when it was frowned upon by the larger community.

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Noe Santos-Dilone of Brooklyn, dating giving him space N. They came to power through hard-fought battles in the courts and at the polls. Are our elected officials better than the ones who came before?

Why they were taken, what risks were endured, how it went for the women and girls, what kind of support did they receive when they arrived and how they integrated into U. There are bound to be more Latino millionaires, professionals, businessmen and businesswomen. In fact, the achievement is so impressive that it warrants a gut check. Her personal philosophy is shaped by her experiences as an immigrant, her diverse travels and successful assimilation into being a proud American. She came to this country not being able to speak English, and now retire, she volunteers in the Literacy Program in Huntington Beach.

Years ago, when Latino elected officials were few and far between, they represented American communities that had a majority concentration of voters of a specific Latino cultural group. As a community, as Americans, we have a responsibility to hold our own leaders to a higher standard. My grandfather talked of fundraising drives in the days of the poll tax.

The event was outside at one of our largest park, Stielacoom Park. Our struggles have been against those who would rather we didn't become better educated, participate more in politics and become wealthier.

As much as we think immigration is a problem for us and that Mexico is condoning the northward hike by their citizens, we should look at the facts. In fact, demographers say that Mexico is aging and that its population trails the U. Santos-Dilone was a citizen of the Dominican Republic and the other two wee citizens of Mexico. Noe Santos-Dilone, center and Pfc. It was a time when men and women imagined a possibility and worked to make it happen.

It sure would make things easier if their future labor force consisted of descendants of today's migrants. And while their progress was slow, it was constant and determined. And we organized and rallied against them.