Fliqlo Flip Clock

Flip Clock - there is a small clock on top of the big clock. Check your installed programs. Stopped working out of the blue.

Fliqlo not working on Mac. Any suggestions I tried the right clicking method and opening it through there and saving it onto my desktop.

How would you rate this screensaver? It is a bit too bright at night for me. Beware, this screensaver nught look innocent, but it remotely tries to connect with some ip unknown to me. Is this only good for ipad and iphone?

But wheres the sound of the numbers flipping? If you have an older version of the operating system, please try searching for an older version of the screensaver, e. That won't work because this is a screensaver, not a wallpaper.

How to keep the clock on all the time? Is it possible to make an older version? The bigger the screen, the bigger the clock. Best screen saver I have ever got on the internet.

Really great screensaver, but after a few minutes the clock disappears. Adjusting Flip Clock screensaver. However, since this is a safe and free download, and most people will already have it installed on their computer, it shouldn't really be an obstacle. When I downloaded the screensaver, it was a different font than the pictures displayed. Uninstalled fliqlo and reinstalled and no luck.

Had to reinstall and it works perfectly again. We have dedicated a help page to this issue. It would be nice if it had brightness control.

Never had a problem with this screensaver and looks lovely. Feel free to post any questions or concerns to the message board. Multiple Monitors can each have own clock size etc. This unfortunately doesn't work with my current operating system.

However, a similar app for your iPhone may be available in the App Store. My Screensaver also randomly started showing a white screen, has been fine for at least years! Finally I stopped using it.

Why Download Fliqlo using YepDownload

It should automatically install, but if you want to speed it up you can open Windows Update and search for new updates. That is unlikely to be a direct result of installing this screensaver. This is the best screensaver that ever saved my screen.

Please post to the message board with details of your problem. Few more options would be amazing.

Why Download Fliqlo using YepDownload

Fliqlo Flip Clock Screensaver for Windows & Mac - Screensavers Planet

Be very careful using this screensaver for extended periods of time without change. It appears to be an issue with Vista and the latest version of Fliqlo. We are happy to share the results.



It connects to the internet to check for available updates. By using Screensavers Planet, you agree to this use. When I use just my monitor with the laptop closed, then this screen saver works fine, however when I use both screens, it is off centre and too large on my extra monitor. Be aware, this screensaver tries to connect to the internet.

Virus scanner Fliqlo Setup. The Fliqlo screensaver, however, appears to be one of his most popular projects, and it's still actively developed. An older version of Fliqlo for Mac can be downloaded here. Because it's very high contrast and the clock face is completely static, dhol mix songs you can suffer a burn in which I did.

Artecnica Clock x Free, for Windows, Mac. Padbury Clock Search the help pages.

Can i use it on iPhone locked screen or i must run app everytime? When I try to download that file from my Google drive to any other computer, Google blocks the download and states that a virus was detected.

It's not bright or over complicated. Teachers will panic if someone bumps the computer and the clock goes out. Even downloaded the newest version and it still just shows a white screen.

It connects to the internet to notify you of available updates. Anti-virus report for Fliqlo Flip Clock Our editors have reviewed all files and found them to be safe, but they are also checked automatically using many different virus scanners. Failing that, please post to the message board for support. Our editors have reviewed all files and found them to be safe, but they are also checked automatically using many different virus scanners.

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Is your question not listed? Simple and nice looking screen saver. Message board Is your question not listed? Installed the screensaver on my Win-Vista system today, love the retro look.

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Please post it on our message board no registration. These settings can be reset at any time. Please share your opinion about this screensaver in a user review. Have a question or problem?