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There is no definitive proof that they've been romantically involved. Probably in fact organizers owe him a lot.

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It is clear that Gale feels something whenever he is with Randy. All in all, lazy guys dating guide I love Gale Harold so much. Randy Harrison and Gale Harold?

Gale Harold identifies himself as a heterosexual. Did gale Harold ever date randy Harrison? Randy was in a long term relationship with journalist Simon Dumenco and word has it that he is now dating Brian Belukha.

What is with all these conspiracy theories? The fire will start again? It's not easy for fans to make money. Even there won't be anything real, but the gossip will be produced and spread everywhere.

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Randy is actor who appeared inQueer as Folk. There has never been any definitive evidence that he and Randy Harrison have ever been involved romantically. Randy is in Germany already. Randy Harrison isn't currently dating anyone.

That happens all the time. Trust me, you cant be in a series for five years making love with someone without at least falling for them once. And Scott, Randy and Sharon, I do appreciate what you did for a friend - I admire your friendship and I think each of you took some risk.

Randy dated journalist Simon Dumenco for quite awhile and now he's said to be dating Brian Belukha. Same goes for his indie Rehab. He was just trying to help selling tickets.

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Do randy harrison and gale harold have relationship in real?

He looks uncomfortable as if he is afraid that something will happen between them. Just took care not to show his distaste as he needs to cultivate a positive public image if he wants to carry on working. He was always an asshole to his fans, and although he appears to have embraced them in the last couple of years, I don't think he ever really did. If he didn't write so many words, who could even think of such aspect?

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