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Or you will die, even if you only look at the word warning! Due to his soulless non-sense of his sight on seeing humans as inferior being, Igor is often being slapped many times by his arch-enemy, Akari and shortly Alia as a running gag. Edith also reveal that he could have revived Takeru during his first death, but the youth is now beyond his power is save after his lifespan ended and second revival. He is a reasonable emperor who cares for his people and family.

Kamen Rider Super Climax MUGEN

The attack knocks away the Shakiriki Sports Gashat, which Genm retrieves before departing. He can also unleash waves of energy from his palms. When entering Adel's memories, Takeru finds out that Adel was the one who killed his father ten years ago, before he killed his own father Adonis years later in the present.

In the final battle against the Great Eyeser, Ghost can summon them without needing this form. He is destroyed by Ghost Grateful Damashii with Zyuoh Eagle's help, thus releasing the humans he captured. They cryptically warned Takeru of the threat that the Gammisers themselves present. Sometime before his death, he managed to send off the tsuba from Miyamoto Musashi's sword to Takeru and instructs his son to learn about history's greatest heroes. It is later revealed that if any of the heroic Eyecon spirits are not willing to give Takeru their full cooperation with him, Ghost will be unable to completely utilize Grateful Damashii's powers.

Mugen Damashii

But Argos's mind became warped, leading to his downfall and betrayal of both Edith and Daigo. As a Gamma Ultima, his strength exceeds that of a Gamma Superior, and he can disable projectile weapons and melt things by simply touching them.

Once there was a girl named Clarissa, she was ten years old and she lived in a psychiatric hospital, because she killed her mother and father. While the others were upset by that, Takeru instead thank Edith for his help with Makoto doing the same. Ten years earlier, his father left him home as he went on a ghost hunting expedition. Por favor, tente acessar o arquivo novamente mais tarde. She was temporarily possessed by the Beethoven Eyecon.

Until the Gammisers completely possessed Adel and before Ghost Mugen Damashii has no choice to kill him along with them, she and Alain keeps Adel's last word from not to ended up like him. Even though the Gammisers are able to revive and heal themselves from sustained injuries, they can be permanently destroyed by Ghost's Mugen Damashii. The Gundari have hand-shaped claws at the back of their tails which allow them to fend off any attackers from behind. After the K-Touch show up on the screen, flip the card before inserting it.

He can produce a massive energy tornado around himself by spinning his body rapidly and throw a large number of the Mona Lisa paintings at the enemy. His mother is revealed to have died when Takeru was born, and thus, he is unable to remember her face. They can also still using their motif powers, though to fully channel it they must assume their monster forms.


These games are pretty good. Kamen Rider Generations Full Series.

Later on, after Takeru saves both of their lives, they become friends again. She also treats Alain to takoyaki, which becomes his favorite food.

Mumen Rider

He finds Kamen Rider Genm attempting to trigger the Shakiriki Sports Gashat, pulling it out of his hand, themes for sony ericsson g700 curious how it could have the power he was seeking. One is using one side of the Final Kamen Ride Card while the other is using the other side and of course each side has its different looks and forms. Mumen Rider also survived having his head smashed into the ground multiple times by Garou.

She finds it difficult to believe in any of the supernatural activity happening around her, even after Takeru dies and is brought back to life to be Kamen Rider Ghost. While Makoto developed a hatred towards his father because of this, Kanon believes there must have been a good reason for why he left them.

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Onari lacks Akari's calm nature, and often expresses his frustrations. Please try accessing the file again later. Your review has been posted. He was temporarily possessed by the Goemon Eyecon. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

As it turns out, his long disappearance was the result of him getting killed by a sword wielding Gamma Ultima. After being hospitalized by Garou, he is seen battling the invading monsters at the hospital despite his injuries. Despite their conflict, Shibuya still cared for his mother.

During a battle against a fusion of Gammisers Fire and Gravity, Takeru is killed when his Ore Eyecon gets destroyed by it. When Art Supplies Gamma wishes to learn more about the human world's environment, Kanon suggest him to travel around the world. After entrusting his Machine Hoodie, heroic Eyecons and Alain to his friends, Makoto allows his Gamma Eyecon body to be destroyed by Javel so reunite his body and soul. Javel has been sent by Adonis in order to help him, but after Javel disobeys his orders, Alain begins to hypothesize on what his subordinate's true orders are, as well as those of Adel. Seemingly convinced, Ayumu steps away, reaffirming his resolve before a golden Gamma Hole appears behind him.