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Harvest moon a new beginning dating iroha, raising the Heart Color

Allen's reversal will trigger when you go upstairs to the living quarters above his salon. Once you've had your Ring accepted, you can see your person's green and yellow heart events but not the green and yellow events for the other marriage candidates. She asks what is your impression of her when she's playing her harp. For Yuri, this Ring reversal will take place inside her Tailor shop and not at Emma's house.

Breaking Up If you decide that maybe you made the wrong choice for a potential lifetime spouse, you can break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The Commitment Ring Your marriage candidate has a green heart event and a yellow heart event, but you can only unlock those events if you give the person a Ring. You offer to walk her back to her house so she can write her letter. Next, you'll need to build the Double Bed. Ah, the single life again!

Heart Events When you have reached at least Friendship Points the first heart event can occur. The dinner party is in addition to the birthday gift you may have already given him or her that day. House Upgrade and Double Bed To prepare for your marriage you will need to upgrade the size of your farmhouse and build a larger bed. Allen, Rod must be unlocked.

You will then decide on the clothing choices for the two of you to wear during your ceremony. Then walk into the person's house on a sunny Saturday or Sunday to trigger the cut scene. Reverse Marriage Proposal If you want your sweetheart to propose instead, you need to complete the above requirements and also have given your sweetheart at least gifts. After that, give the person a Blue Feather to propose marriage. If you hadn't talked with her, then she might never have reconciled with her father for her entire life.

Then give the person the Ring just like you were doing it for the first time. Her mom and brothers were there to support her. To increase the person's Friendship Points and upgrade the heart color, give the person gifts and talk to the person on a regular basis. You'd like to watch her to understand why she enjoys playing the harp, but Iroha is a bit bashful.

Her parents are coming to the neighboring town and she wants you to go with her. After Tina runs off, you greet Iroha.

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The only negative outcome is that you lose Friendship Points, which you can easily recover with gifts and attending festivals. Proposing Marriage If you have seen all four heart events, have a red heart color, are still committed to the person, and you have the Double Bed, you can propose marriage. Showing the Blue Feather or a Ring to another marriage candidate. She goes back to her blacksmith shop to write her letter. Yarn Balls also come from the Cloth Maker by putting sheep's Wool into the machine.

Don't reconcile She has the same idea that you do, but she does worry about her mom and older brothers. She hasn't felt this way in a long time.

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Raising the Heart Color

Amir and Yuri do not have visible heart colors on their character portraits when you talk to them. When she decided that she too wanted to be a blacksmith, her father forbid it.

Such thinks don't mean anything coming from a boy and it annoys her. When you see a change in their normal text, then that's a good indication that you've increased your friendship. All you have to do is show up at the right time to watch the scene between the two of you. We can do it if we work together Together?

She is impressed how great you were when you met them. Give the best gift you possibly can to increase the person's heart color at a faster rate. Go with her The two of you start walking to the neighboring village but Iroha hesitates. You want to hear her play the harp again and she's glad to give you another performance.

If the two of you share a birth date, then the party will be at your house. Don't worry, your sweetie will be fine the next day. If you don't want to be married, then you will have to start a new game.

Iroha says it is a letter from her mother requesting that she come home. Raising the Heart Color When you talk to your potential sweetheart, dating relative on the character portrait that appears you'll see a heart. Couple Events Committing to each other means that now the two of you will celebrate birthdays together.

Then walk into the person's house on a sunny Saturday or Sunday to trigger the break up scene. Each candidate has set locations and times for their heart events to trigger. In fact, it is the only thing you can do that entire day!

The witch doesn't want that obnoxious Harvest Goddess to see that she's getting married! Iroha likes playing her harp and your praise makes her happy. Iroha is really happy they were able to make up. Iroha seems annoyed and doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Iroha is going to send a letter to her mom explaining that she wants to meet with her father.

To lower a person's heart you will want to give the person the most horrible gifts you can create. The Star Rank of the resulting products won't matter. Yuri, Michelle must be unlocked.

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Even after all this time, she is convinced that he doesn't understand. During the event you'll be given a choice of responses. Iroha then returns to her house.

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Iroha thinks she also wants to go and make up with him, so she is going to send a letter to her mom explaining that she wants to meet with her father. Refusing to accept the proposal won't trigger a break up scene. You try to convince her that your words are genuine, but she insists that you don't emphisize how cute she is.

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