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Then im adding another pump I had laying around. Sometimes two air compressors can provide enough air for a high demand air tool. Quite likely that one pressure switch will do the turn on duties and t'other one the turn off if both are set to nominally the same pressures as exactly the same settings are essentially impossible. It is a setup for my garage at my home. However, once again, air from the secondary tank may flow back into the tank of the primary air compressor rather than down the line to the air tool.

Connecting Two Air Compressors

Air Compressors
How to use two air compressors to increase CFM

Once the pressure in the hose to the air tool drops due to air use, air will be drawn from the secondary tank. Im thinking im just going to machine a Y block to atleast rule that scenario out. There are sometimes good reasons for connecting two air compressors.

Originally Posted by Shadon. Two main reasons for my recommendation. For two compressors with individual tanks feeding one line wire the pressure switches in series to control both starters so the compressors don't run until the lowest set switch kicks in.

  1. Note the arrow on the body.
  2. First we need to know what compressor you have because each brand might be controlled differant.
  3. With both pressure switches set at the same level, you would think that both would kick on at the same time.
  4. No sense in starting a new thread.
  5. For instance, if I installed the check valves in a T, both valves across from each other, blasting one another, would the pulsations negatively affect each other being that close to each other?
  6. Odds are the smaller one won't need to run all that much unless you're blasting, etc.
Connecting Two Air Compressors
  • Essentially, once the air demand drops the tank pressure to cut in, the compressor will start.
  • How Compressors Run A quick review of how compressors work also covered in detail on a page on this site is that they have an air tank into which air is pumped.
  • The check valves are a great ideal.
Tag-Teaming Two Compressors

With the male thread on either end of the check valve in the image, installation is not complex. Or, connecting two air compressors to the same air line to the tool, if you have a couple of small air compressors around, might work. Suggestions and experience would be greatly appreciated. Using them, the only thing you can increase is the volume.

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As air is drawn from the system of two tanks in parallel, the smaller unit cycles on and off unless the demand is more than it can keep up with. Another, single air compressor, can have the same problem with that same air tool. When the tank pressure drops to the pressure switch cut in level, the pump will start, and add more air to the tank until the tank reaches the cut out pressure setting, and the pump stops. Please start with the Plumbing page, dating someone with the and go from there. Trying to set pressure switches most of the time does not work the way you want it.

Connecting Two Air Compressors

Prolly best to set things up so you can use either one on its own or both together as needed. However, both my pumps will be running off of the same motor. Arrange a plug and lead system so that you can either connect the switches in series or set-up individually by switching connectors. Most receivers have lots of tapped ports. Seems like it would actually have been less expensive to drill, tap and install a fitting rather than buying a T which is always the most expensive fitting at any line size.

Garage Air Lines Secondary Receiver and Combining Compressors

Combining Two Air Compressors

Add switches to control operation of either or operation. One is that the pump output is pulsatile. You can control one or both motors by either pressure switch. No, create an account now. If demand continues to drop the tank pressure, with the right switch settings, the second compressor will come on to add more air to the lines too.

Air Compressors Is there an easy way to hook up two different size air compressors on the same air line system. Connecting Two Air Compressors If you have two air compressors, select which will be the primary air compressor and plumb a tee into the discharge coupler on that one. Do you have a question about Combining Two Air Compressors? Check motor size as factory units usually close match meaning cheapest motor that will do the job is used. The check valves would be so that the compressors could be disconnected without having turn off both compressors and drain the pressure from them.

This only happens when running the compressors together, but is fine when run by itself. At which point the secondary compressor would start too, even though the primary would be running as well. Put check valves on the outlet of the two compressors and use short hoses to connect them into a tee.

They will not start if they are under too much pressure. Hence the pressure switch with the lowest setting controls both compressors. The only thing is to set the larger machine to a lower pressure than the small machine.

Simply run both starter coils off one pressure switch. If you have a single stage compressor use it for low pressure. We use them all the time to pressures vastly exceeding you air compressor. Set the pressure setting of the smaller unit to, say, psi.

The Champion duplex I have, has two pressure switches. We'll bring you the most relevant peer-to-peer conversations happening in the trade and tips and tricks to help you get the job done. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, dating best guy friend you agree to the use of cookies. One motor has a smaller pulley than the other.

Tag-Teaming Two Compressors

Thank you for any insight. Under powered it is, best speed dating for sure. Then the larger unit kicks on. Any possibly way that you could add links for a check valve and a tee and what else could possibly be needed for this process?

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If you Google air check valve you will find many sources with a variety of attachment options. What you will do is increase the available compressed air flow at the pressure the system needs. Both air compressors will have a one-way or check valve in their lines before the two lines connect to the single main. If so, do add it here, and please upload some photos focusing on the problem area? On power up, marines online dating sites both machines run until the larger unit reaches psi at which time it shuts off.

Originally Posted by complete loser. The primary holds around psi, and my secondary holds about psi max, I want to keep my main compressor from running all the time and burning up. Another non-passing valve before the tee in the discharge coupler of the primary compressor, allowing air out of the tank, but not back into it from the other compressor.

Some time ago a site visitor wrote in about combing two air compressors. Just make sure there is no way to overpressure any tank. If you have only one check valve, and the secondary compressor comes on but the primary is off, the air from the secondary will leak out of the primary instead of going to the tool. How would the new compressor connector?

Can I add the gas powered compressor near to the additional receiver to use in combination with the electric compressor? And you need to put a check valve in each output line from the compressor before that line gets to the tee. As long as both compressors will pump to the same pressure there shouldn't be any conflict. If you really want more air though why goto psi? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

If you have two air compressors, select which will be the primary air compressor and plumb a tee into the discharge coupler on that one. Why not visit this page for info on plumbing two compressors together? Both compressors will plumb to the same air main to your plant. Do I need a need a second receiver? But if you connect two air compressors into one line to the air tool, you may have enough air flow from the two air compressors to use that higher demand air tool.

Join Date Feb Location St. Hello, I am running two compressors in tandem and everything works fine except the pressure regulator on one sometimes leaks air and hisses. Quincy pumps output valves do not let air flow back. One pump and the motor are the factory setup for this compressor. The frequency of the back-up compressor switching on will be predicated on the pressure switch settings of that compressor.

Combining Two Air Compressors

Connecting Two Compressors Together - AirCompressorHelp

It seems to me that using an unregulated air tank would be the best way. The reality is, compressed air always flows through the easiest path from high pressure to low. Two, if the discharge valves in the head of one of the compressors ever goes bad, at best your net pumping efficiency will go to hell, at worst you will damage or blow up a pump. Set the pressure setting of the larger unit to psi. You likely need check valves on the compressor outputs to prevent the air from one compressor going backward into the other.

Connecting Two Compressors Together

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