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This opened up an entirely new market to Leo and he started appearing in discos and at University dances and balls throughout the U. Leo was not sure about the direction, but loved the all-star band Richard had provided. His voice soared in this new setting, and he began to think that maybe Richard was right. In he had split up with his long time record company Chrysalis and was actively pursuing a new record deal.

Leo found it impossible to dislike the Nevada lifestyle, and while there was inducted as a deputy Sheriff at Virginia City. He also won awards in Britain a B. The album went platinum in both Britain and the States, where such a rating then equalled a staggering one million copies. Back briefly in England in March, Leo appeared on T. More recording took place in London.

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Leo came on the show dressed as the Pierrot and such was the reaction to his performance, the entire business noted that a new star was born. He started listening to Rhythm and Blues, and singing with soul bands. Leo was now becoming a big draw on the U. Meanwhile Adam was in America searching for a new producer, as he was obsessed with the idea that Leo had to now make an American record. Richard Perry was eager to put out a follow up album as quickly as possible to continue this momentum.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Roger Daltrey had a cousin, Graham Hughes, who was a well-respected photographer. Graham shot the cover with Leo portrayed as himself on the front, and dressed as the Pierrot on the back. In November Garth Porter came to Leo with a plan for a new album.

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The record was the soundtrack for a bizarre movie featuring various artists singing Beatles songs to footage from the Second World War. They had seen Leo on British television dressed as Pierrot and dressed up as circus clowns on U. What had inspired Leo was the presence amongst the models in the shoot of Belgian mime artist Julien in the guise of Pierrot the clown. He hosted two more self-titled T. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

He frequented Soho and Kensington folk clubs and sometimes got up to play the harmonica. The Definitive Collection. Leo was now popular in Europe and made many promotional appearances there. Leo Sayer The Greatest Hits. Strings were recorded in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and mastering was completed in Devon, England.

There's a cool photo of the tall Richard Perry walking down the street with the smaller-framed Sayer, music no type and their working relationship reached its commercial zenith here. Leo Sayer Best of Leo Sayer. The Sun kept on flying the flag for Leo and soon the much awaited comeback of Leo Sayer became a media and music business reality. Two hit albums had really stirred up the crowds there and fans mobbed Leo when he arrived at Sydney Airport.

This time the recording went smoothly and the right results were quickly accomplished. David was off to America and Adam was concentrating on his own career as an actor of some repute. One night on the way back from a gig, Adam had a near fatal car crash.

Alan had one of the first of the new Fairlight sampling synthesisers. The album was released in the U. Thailand, Singapore, and Japan. But before the project was complete an interesting opportunity suddenly arose for the team.

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Leo was worked hard, but he started to feel he was going in the wrong direction. It's a career album with lots to offer the world. Millennium Hits Netherlands. No Business Like Love Business.

It was now and the hit team was starting to move in different directions. The seventies revival had started, with Leo being one of the great pace setters. It turned out that David Courtney was not just a promoter. He followed the Grand Prix circus around the world, striking up friendships with many leading drivers, from Ayrton Senna to Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill. Best Sad Songs for Your Soul.

In Leo sadly split up with Janice. Leo had always vowed that he would drop the Pierrot costume and make- up as soon as he became successful. The boys had by now created a large backlog of material and gave Roger songs that they had intended for the next Leo Sayer album. Simply The Best Netherlands.

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Patches started playing gigs all over the south coast. He flung himself into music and started writing songs, setting some of his old poems to music.

Various Artists Romantically Yours. Introspection Late Night Partying. Leo was becoming an accomplished stage performer by now and the second U. Release Year incorrect year?

Endless Flight was critically well received everywhere, and though some felt Leo had lost some of his uniqueness in the process, none could deny the instant pop appeal of the album. While still keeping up his workaholic-touring schedule, Leo somehow found time to be all over the airwaves at the same time.

In October he returned to the concert stage in Australia and New Zealand to play a sold out tour of fourteen major venues. He worked in a factory that imported German cars. The session was exciting as rock band The Who were recording next door and wanting to meet Adam, added their input to the session. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Leo had a girlfriend at the time, Janice.

They arranged to get married in Brighton. Music Club International Records. Various Artists Mixed Emotions. Almost as soon as he left there was international controversy after racist taunts threatened to see the show taken off the air.

Endless Flight Andrew Gold. The singles from the album had now sold roughly six million copies around the world. Leo was now just twenty-eight years old.

Endless Flight - Leo Sayer