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Recent years have seen films like Gravity and The Martian resurrecting the sort of sans serif type styles made popular by seminal sci-fi flicks like Alien. Uniform edges and evenly drawn lines are the high points of this font in which the letters slant to the right in a classy vintage look. To mimic the look, set your headers in the Extra Bold weight of Avenir Next.

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Many fonts go for soft rounded corners and large shapes that give them a fun feel. Finally, Navigo puts a contemporary twist on the cerebral, understated look of indie movie posters.

Mad Wheels Font is looking nice. Check out these interesting fonts for movie posters. Stack Letters Inspiration. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Strong narrow lines mark the letters of this elegant movie poster font. This classy slanted style font with tall letter shapes speaks of the movie poster lettering style of the olden times. Sometimes fonts have a playful effect in which the letters seem to bob up and down the surface, or the letters may be alternately black or white for a bold dramatic look. Jagged edges of letters with uneven strokes may build up the thrilling and mysterious mood for a thriller movie poster.

Often fonts play with the shapes of letters, or have interesting patterns like snowdrops, inkdrop effects, or thin horizontal stripes inside the letters. The main title font is a custom typeface, inspired by Woodkit fonts.

Upload a photo to scan for similar type. Check out this font with italics shapes drawn with uniformly thick lines for a strong movie poster look. The letters look squeezed together in tall shapes with geometrical patterns adding an extra element of style in this font.

This Movie Poster font pack offers a set of typefaces commonly associated with ten popular film genres. The way the letters are shaped, arranged, and patterned, grand theft auto games for android can draw you into wanting to know more about a movie. This is a beautiful movie poster font in which the tall letters get enough breathing space while the capital letters are marked by slightly thicker strokes. Gorgeous with curves and soft rounded edges this is a wonderfully dreamy font for a romantic movie poster. Big blockbusters need equally big fonts.

The letters of this font with their jagged edges may make you think of a hot pair of wheels slanting at an angle down the road. The delicate hairlines and refined contrast of Escrow Banner Light are the perfect match for romantic comedies.

Yves started reviewing type in his Bald Condensed column on Typographer. This modern font with generous spaces between the letters and curvy shapes is just perfect for a movie poster.

African women are born artists. Tall and narrow with angles and sharp corners this is a movie poster font with a contemporary feel. Contemporary Movie Poster Font. Lines flowing into each other with a mix of thick and thin edges makes the letters of this font look like they are caught up in a wild dance. Narrow and elegant strokes define this font with the stylish angles and corners adding a stunning modern movie poster feel.

Very densely packed together with thicker lines defining the capital letters this is a really elegant office drama movie poster font. Rest of others are also good.

Teeny waves at the margin of the letters makes them look like they are caught in a fun quaky rhythm. Stylish rounded corners give a soft look to the letters of this font while the narrow and uniform strokes give a modern feel. Straight lines with stylish inner curves marks this elegant movie poster font. It would be very great to look at in a movie poster. The tall forms of the letters combine with narrow spaces and uniformly thick lines in this bold font.

You also find that some posters use plenty of geometrical shapes such as circles and squares to make stylized fonts. This slab display typeface is the perfect choice for making an impact.

Movie posters at once attract our attention with their pictures and text. The credits line for a movie also has cool and interesting fonts. Very nice collection of fonts here.

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Narrower on top and dramatically thick at the bottom of each letter this is a stunning movie poster font in black. Being single does not mean you are lonely.

Examining and reviewing movie posters for my ScreenFonts series for over a decade has made me aware of the typographic trends in this medium. You can learn to master this subliminal language by observing how others have done it before you. Westerns lean on reverse-contrast wood-type styles like the exuberant display slab Manicotti.