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Also, in those days, all the Charanam lines were sung, whereas, these days any one of the Charanams is sung. Who grants uniquely auspicious rewards for devotees favored by Shiva's benign glances.

It is in the first part that the features of Sopana music is exhibited, the syllables moving slowly in the beginning, and then attaining rapidity and uniformity. Most of the lyrics are now available at this site as well. But, nowadays, one musician renders the entire song. To this day, the Royal family of Travancore has honored this promise. During the first three days, Devi is worshipped as Saraswati, the next three days as Lakshmi, and as Durga on the last three days.

With this information, the list ought to be fairly accurate. Oil lamps are lit, and the atmosphere is filled with the subtle fragrance of fresh flowers, sandalwood, incense, and camphor fumes. During the regime of Swati Tirunal, the capital was shifted from Padmanabhapuram now in Tamilnadu to Tiruvananthapuram. One whose effulgent lustre has been praised by those of highest esteem, the bestower of benefits such as good health. Liberal usage of Panchama in the Natakuranji piece.

The Arabhi song, perhaps due to the presence of rapid flow of phrases, has attained popularity among musicians. Since then, clarifications from other sources and rec. It has been created laboriously over the course of several years. But these days, except for the puja and music, most of the activities have vanished. The following list has been developed over the past several years, based on many contributions and updates.

Ramanathan argues convincingly that this kriti is not original, but was rather composed and added by one of Dikshitar's followers. Who is revered by the learned, and who brings joy to Brahmins. Who wears a peculiar crown and auspicious dress. As his health deteriorated, he approached the ruling Chera King, and extracted a promise from him that the Navaratri festival for the temple would be conducted every year without any interruption.

It is a truncated version of that which I have used on the list of compositions. The next version was compared against Dikshitar Kirtanamala by A.

The scene of the Navaratri Mantapam is equally superb. While the first six songs indulge in very long Charanams using very lengthy phrases, the last three, devoted to Parvati, are shorter and simpler. Now that more authoritative sources are available, it becomes possible to present it with some confidence. In fact, we are deeply indebted to these musicians for handing over to the present generation, numerous compositions of Swati Tirunal, in their original authentic forms. Please visit our Composition Bank for the lyrics of the Navaratri kritis.

Hopefully this list will prove useful. They contain a good deal of Vedic astrology, as well as fine music. The concerts are offerings to Devi.

Slowly however, the system changed. Maharaja Swati Tirunal himself codified the music for the Navaratri concerts and composed these nine gems in weighty ragas so that they could be sung as the main piece on each day.

The Nine Planets

Questionable attributions are marked with a question mark? Most recently, it has been verified against the authoritative source Compositions of Muddusvami Dikshitar by Sangeetha Kalanidhi T. Who is the friend of Surya, Chandra and Brhaspati, shining with his good wife, and his hands on his knees, having four arms, and who is quite extraordinary. Govinda Rao's publication, and several more have undoubtedly been introduced by me.

The first six are ch owka-kala slow tempo kritis, whereas the last three use m adhyamakala medium tempo. Srishti's Carnatica Private Limited. All the songs use majestic ragas. It does contain the basic musical factors such as sruti, swara, raga and tala. But the style displays the general aspects of the melody without alapana, swaraprastara, gamaka, sangati, etc.

Who is the bestower of the sweet art of poetry, the one of splendorous wealth. Items misattributed in some sources are given at the end, with actual attribution where known. However, the Kalyani and Bhairavi songs stand out as superb work.

Dikshitar's Navagraha Nine Planets kritis are among his most famous sets. The transliteration scheme is that used in the notes to that recording, speed my pc pro written by Robert Gottlieb.


Among these, the nine kritis he composed, for singing the praise of Goddess during the Navaratri festival stand out as a distinct and precious collection. There is one kriti for each of the classical nine planets. These kritis were rendered in a group earlier, with the raga-alapana and tanam alone rendered by the chief musician. Who is happy in his part human-like body and is friendly in the group of nine planets. The first song has four Charanams, and the the remaining six only three.

Besides, there is no applause at the end of each song and thus the atmosphere is very serene and devotional. Competent musicians from outside were invited to sing the main concert, and Mullamudu Bhagavatars were restricted to singing just the Todaya Mangalam. Nonetheless, I am happy to accept corrections and additions, especially with regard to the questionable attributions which are listed. Sundaram Iyer as supplied by P. Who is honored by his attendants, is devoid of all evil, benefits the devotees of Shiva, and is always joyous.

When one thinks of Maharaja Swati Tirunal, one is invariably reminded of Lord Padmanabhaswami of the mammoth temple of Syanandurapuram presently known as Tiruvananthapuram. While a bulk of his kritis is the outpouring of his devotion to Lord Padmanabha, he has also composed kritis on various other deities in and around the courtyard of the temple.

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The former has dhatu which is unique, and shows a blending of the salient features of Sopana music, an indigenous form of classical music, special to Kerala.