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Kamal is a fun loving modern youth. She adamantly marries him in the face of stiff opposition from her status conscious mother.

Let us now recollect her work with Vijayabhaskar. Film starred Ravichandran, Vijayakumar, Jayachitra and Ashokan among others. Iraivan, ena Oruvan Enadhisayil mayangida varuvaan Rasigan endra peyaril Indru Avan thaan unnai koduthaan.

Vani Jayaram - Tamil Film Songs Chronology

The opening giutar notes are spellbinding and what follows is pure enchantment. Nee poomaalai pon oonjal pottal vaaren kannala Vaaren kaannala, ethirpaarthe ninnala. Aadum thottil, aadum pothu kuzhandhai nadappathillai, Annai thandhai nadaiyai paarthu, nadakka marapathillai! Here she acknowledges that the life that she is enjoying is a donation from her sister, and, with illustrative analogies, justifies bigamy. Orakkannil oora vaiththa then kavithai chaaram Osai indri pesuvathu aasaiyennum vedham.

Kandhanukku malaiyittaal, kaanagathu Valli mayil Kalyana kolathiley kavithai sonnaal kaadhal kuyil. Thaalaattum pillai ondru, Selaattam pennai kandu Vaalattum ennam enna - ilayo, malaro, kaniyo? Chendumalli pooppol azhagiya pandhu Sel vizhi aadattum kaadhalil vandhu - Love All! Manamagaley, un manavarai kolam Naalai varugindrathu Maalai vizhugindrathu Kanni kazhigindrathu.

Viswanathan Again, another film about which I am quite in the dark. She hints at the nijam, which has become a nizhal. Ninaivalaigal thodarndhu vandhaal, neramellam kanavalaigal Kanavalaigal valarvadharkku Kaman avan malarkkanaigal. This song has Vijayakumari, on stage, beseeching Sivaji to spare her husband, Muthuraman, in what she fancies as words crouched with hidden meanings, which only Sivaji could understand! Nirmala and Manorama also starred in this doomed and damning debacle.

Ninaippadhu Niraiverum Lyrics

Selvam enbathu vandha pinbu thaan irunda veetilum deepam Endha paadhayum sendru paarkkalaam vaazhvil ennathaan paavam Ilamayin degham inbamenum ragam Enna vandha pothum, vandha varai yogam. She had waited in the sidelines for too long and this was the moment she was waiting for. And when he comes out of prison, he finds that she has in the meantime, become another man's wife. Kodi neerukulley malar meley Penn kuliththadhu thamarai poley Naan neerai pirandhirundhaalum, inneram ennenavo. Ananda poojai aaramba velai.

Ninaipathu niraiverum mp3 songIthu Entha Vani Jairam mp3 download

Both the Veenai and Vani touch your heart, not just your ears. Maalaigal yendhu, mangala chaandhu, maarbinil neendhu, ennai thandhen.

Iruvarum serndhirundhaal anbodu, indruppol vaazhndhidalaam panbodu. Long after the song is over, you still sit as though in a trance, Vani still lingering in you.

Vani Jayaram - Tamil Film Songs Chronology

Viswanathan Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air I can never, never understand why this magnificent song did not hit the popularity charts. Going by the lyrics, it is yet another song where the hero tries to get too physical, and the heroine, in good tamizh tradition, smackdown here comes the pain ps2 game counsels patience till their marriage is solemnized.

Suddenly Rakhee gets back her sanity. Kaadhalum thaayaga perumaiyil ondru Kaanattum adhayum ilamayil indru. Valadhu kai unakku, Idadhu kai enakku Valli Deivaani pottathu kanakku Valadhu kann paarthaal Idadhu kann paarkkum Manidharukkellaam irandu kann edharkku? Aadivelli thedi unnai naan adaindha neram Kodi invam naadi vandhen Kaviriyin oram.

Ninaippathu Niraiverum Nee Lyrics

Nallarambu vaasamitta Nagamani poonkuzhali pal arumbu sirikka kandu patta sugam konjam alla. Ennazhagai naane thaan solvatha? It is in some cultural show, where Kamal and Sridevi are in the audience. And the emotional upheavals that follow between the corners of the eternal triangle, with a bit of preaching in the end made this an engrossing film.

Chabalam, salanam, mayakkam, kuzhappam Ellam paramparai pazhakkam Periya manithargal siriya ninaippinil vizhundhu viduvathendraal Siriya kuzhandhaigal periya ninaippinil valarndhu viduvadhundu. Siriyathu jothi Periyathu deepam Irandum eriayattum, ithilenna paavam? How winningly does Vani portray the vain thoughts of this narcissist nangai!

The trumpet notes in the interlude are noteworthy, as the humming in the second interlude. Kanavin mayalogathiley avargal kalandhey ullasam kaanattum. Nilavu theivathu valarvatharkkaaga Nee arivaai kanne Neram pirandhaal, ninaiththu nadakkum yen azhuthaai kanne? This song has Lalitha trying to pacify him and coaxing him to come to bed to consummate their marriage, not in so many words, of course! Viswanathan Another superb solo from the same film.

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Then, Manorama comes and coaxes Sujatha to attend a public meeting, telling her of the wide publicity she would receive. Kannipparuvamadi Minnalaippol vandhu kaatchi alikkuthu, thendralil vandhenadi En kannin karuvizhi sollum kadhaigalil kaadhal undaaguthu. Naal nalla naal Un varavu mazhaiyil nanayum iravu kandu then sindhum naal Inba then sindhum naal. Brindavanathin mullai ithu Perumaan tholin killai ithu Krishna nadhiyin vellam ithu Adhu thaan ippodhu paaduvathu. So, in all probability, this song must have featured her.

Viswanathan An ennui filled exercise in Eastman colour. Back to List Back to Top Top.

Vijayabhaskar, during his brief stint in tfm, never worked for big banners or big stars, save a couple of exceptions. Nadhiyirundhaal meenirukkum, vidhiyirundhaal serndhirukkum Kaalam adhan kolam, endro? She is admitted to a mental hospital, with no hope of recovery.

Tamil Song Lyrics

Meenakshi continues to appear with a broom and bucket, lest she should forget her humble roots! Kumar Film starred Jaishankar and Jayachitra.

Viswanathan I know only the songs from this film - whom did it star? Mangai aval Seethai mullil nadandhaal Mannanavan kannil Gangai vazhindhaal Ullam negizhndhaan Mannavan kannil Gangai vazhindhaal. Anbennum sudaraal erindhadhu vilakku Adhanaal erindhadhu innoru vilakku Siriyathu jothi Periyathu deepam Irandum eriayattum, ithilenna paavam?