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As far as controls go, the button layout is pretty standard. More data points welcome from readers! As you can see, trying to produce a meaningful linear readout of battery state from such an irregular battery voltage isn't trivial. Bringing the panel down to the standard nits we use for certain battery testing scenarios, only made things worse. How satisfied are you with this response?

How satisfied are you with this reply? Did this solve your problem? Navigation is handled by a trio of capacitive buttons.

The entry-level Nokia doesn't skip on local connectivity either. You can grab your own copy of Nokia Battery Monitor from here for free, and more data points welcome - how well does the utility handle a full charge and discharge on your Symbian smartphone? Nokia Battery Monitor has been something of a staple of the Symbian world in the last couple of years, providing a large-fonted, colourful guide to the state of your smartphone's battery. Hardware, Battery Life, dvla theory test questions Display.

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E6-00 Nokia Battery Monitor 3.0

That is to say, it is not spectacular in any way, but still decent enough for outdoor use. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Looking at the numbers, the phone actually appears to handle itself pretty well during calls and web browsing. After multiple runs, it only managed to last hours or so idling in standby, connected to the network with the screen off and Wi-Fi on. These are not backlit and can't be remapped, so you better make sure, you are comfortable with the arrangement. Sunlight legibility is on par with similar devices.

Fair enough if you skipped that. Battery For one, there is the battery. Note that battery voltages are never as easy to pin down as you might think, varying by temperature and load.

What other difference is there? Then again, our review unit got away without a single scratch after being tossed around the office quite a bit, so the screen glass appears to be doing its job well enough. So long as I can use it, or even choose it! Even video playback is decent and that endurance number is achieved using the Google Photos app. Sticking to a familiar appearance is a pretty sound strategy in the process of re-establishing the legendary Nokia brand.

Nokia Battery Monitor Controlar la bateria es mas facil

The display simply has a distinct Cyan, Blue-Greenish tint to it. These are experimental and meant to help people with particular types of color blindness.

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Plus, to make things worse, there is the issue of charging, or rather, the lack of any fast charging solution. Color Correction modes Sunlight legibility is on par with similar devices. Fun to play around with for sure, but not really usable for most and they do take a noticeable toll on performance.

The result is that estimating the actual battery capacity remaining is something of a black art.

Nokia Battery Monitor 3.1 For Nokia Belle Refresh FP1/FP2

We are pretty sure a well optimized dedicated video player app can do even better. Still, that phone has mAh. Perhaps even slap on another colorful piece of plastic, which used to be a Nokia staple.

For one, there is the battery. Next to it is a secondary noise-canceling mic - a rather uncommon feature in the budget segment.

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We find it a bit hard to believe the finish is Gorilla Glass, since it doesn't really feel rigid or smooth enough. Still, we really dig the matte black finish.

That said, the lack of some apps is annoying to say the least, and Battery Monitor v. Again, there are a few details here and there we don't particularly enjoy, like the antenna bands of questionable necessity, given the all-plastic back.

The maximum and minimum voltages will still be widely spaced and the voltage is never constant. This site in other languages x. Other than that, the keys are perfectly responsive and won't let you down. Also the screen unlock button works half the time and the camera in silent mode now manages to wake my baby with a loud shutter click, but that's just niggles.

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