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Najma ends up thinking that Nasreen is the girl Sarju was talking about. The bride's family accepts the offer but sets up their own demands asking for rupees for the family to be used for the elder daughter's marriage and rupees as bakshish for the middlewoman, Hajjan Bi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, Najma, now in Hyderabad, sets out in search for a bride.

He talks of an argument at his house with his father who had asked him to marry the daughter of an affluent cement factory owner. At a small gathering, consisting of the wedding party from Mumbai, Sarju, Nasreen and Shabnam, Shabnam sings a beautiful song at which Shakir Khan seems quite impressed. When Akhtar tells Najma of this she feels revolted however, she agrees to find a beautiful bride for Shakir at the prospect of this deed helping her and Akhtar to set up their life as a couple. On the other hand, Najma is not able to deal with the whole situation and constantly questions her role in it.

So, she say goodbye to Akhter and goes with Salim, perhaps to find her ways to wash off her part of sins she committed in order to gain identity from Akhter. She promises to acknowledge him as a friend shall their paths ever cross again.

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Shabnam is revolted by the relationship her family had set up but has no choice. They looked pretty good together, too except in Shagird where Saira's screeching really put me off. As she leaves, she comes across Nasreen and asks her if she has come to meet Sarju to which she replies in the affirmative.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Najma, who doesn't accept that, runs away with another man Akhter to Bombay.

Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress. Sarju is heartbroken at the news.

Its better to start with newer movies that use more Hinglish. An engagement ceremoney takes place with this older gentleman, and Shabnam. Hajjan Bi, the middlewoman, chides Shabnam's mother as in this way they would never find a match however, she leaves promising to tell her if a good match comes her way.

Bazaar Movie Cast

They have a much larger selection and their rental plan is good too. Ashok Kumar, Rekha, Rakesh Roshan. With the wedding being set up, Salim is horrified at the whole thing and in a drunken state expresses his anger at how the girls are being sold off to the rich because of poverty. Filmfare Award for Best Film. All actors are very good, script, songs and costumes are fabulous.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Your love for old movies and songs certainly comes through. Goofs When Shabnam is seen lying down dead, just before Shakir Khan screams of shock, it is shown Shabnam's eye moving. Bollyviewer, Joy and Saira did five movies together although only Shagird became a hit despite Saira's inimitable screeching! Akhtar breaks down and says that he will be destroyed without her to which she replies that he has already destroyed himself by being a pawn in Shakir Khan's endeavours.

He equates the setting up of the wedding to the system where humans are auctioned. Languages Bahasa Indonesia Polski Edit links.

Was this review helpful to you? But her mental situation is never still since she loves her family but is not ready to sacrifice her youth for them.

Older ones have language that even I find difficult to understand sometimes - the Urdu in Muslim Socials or historicals, for example. Keep up with the good work. Najma feels guilty and catches the train to Mumbai through which Salim was leaving.

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Appreciate the time and effort you put into everything. Salim decides to go back to Mumbai while Najma plans to stay put. Filmfare Award for Best Music Director. Newer Post Older Post Home.

He tells her that as long as she is dependent on a man she will only be a toy but once she stands on her own will be when she becomes her own person, with her separate identity. Girls are identified either from the father's name or her husband's name.

Old is Gold List of movies - listed alphabetically

Najma feels very happy and promises to help him get married and that too quite grandly. He points out that they have auctioned her happiness and swears that he will either not let this wedding take place or destroy himself. Salim tells her that marriage is but a socially acceptable way of selling and buying humans and that she too has been a victim of a similar market. It's a great fun place to visit! She faces Salim and relates the news of Shabnam's death at the end of which she owns up to being a part of this unfairness, this crime.

Bazaar ( film)

He wants Najma to find him a bride for him from her home city, Hyderabad. Shabnam gets married to Shakir Khan.

If you can follow it, gedung play games your Hindi is way better than you think. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. And Rajshri has an excellent selection of oldies Hindi as well as Bangla and Tamil. The movie opens with Najma Smita Patil decking herself up in a flat in Mumbai. The film has sterling performances from almost all the cast and is akin to some other movies in the s which highlighted oppression by the rich and powerful.