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From the opening scene detailing the humiliation and abuse that our three protagonists must endure on a daily basis, Horrible Bosses hums with comic energy. Not for the long hours or deplorable work conditions, conversational hypnosis embedded commands dating but because each of their bosses seems to delight in making their lives completely unbearable.

The main characters accidentally drop a box containing cocaine and get a massive contact high from breathing the airborne powder. One is sexually harassed by his boss.

Sex No nudity, but very heavy sexual innuendo. Positive Messages The three main characters each have a serious problem to solve, with seemingly no easy or rational way out.

Another man also flirts with, kisses, and fondles many women. And while recently engaged dental assistant Dale fends off the hyper-sexual advances of his boss, Dr. One of the heroes is tricked into gulping a glass of Scotch at work. Consumerism A mention of Applebee's, an image of a FedEx delivery person, and an image of someone playing Angry Birds.

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Along the way familiar faces pop in and out of the story, including Kevin Spacey reprising his role as Dave Harken. Dale isn't as smart as the other two, but of the three main characters, he seems to have the best heart and is usually the one who suggests doing the right thing.

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Day was the totally clueless but lovable guy who was incapable of thinking things through. And Jennifer Aniston is back as the sex addict dentist who still lusts after the one who got away Charlie Day.

Horrible Bosses Movie Review

The bosses, of course, have no redeeming qualities. Plus, one of the movie's villains has a cocaine problem, and the main characters are seen accidentally getting high as well as drinking.

Yes, the sequel feels a bit recycled and, yes, not every joke lands. In another scene, a character stabs a man several times with a hypodermic needle in an effort to alleviate a fatal allergic reaction. The guys drink beer in a bar after work.

If anything, this sequel finds Aniston delivering even raunchier lines and really pushing the whole sexually free dentist bit for all its worth. There's a scene involving a man who urinates on other men for pleasure, but nothing is shown. The main characters also sometimes squabble amongst themselves, slapping and hitting each other.

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The fact that they actually take steps to solve their problems is somewhat admirable, and in the end they do learn to be slightly more responsible. One female character is constantly trying to seduce a male character.