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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This instrument has an intense effect in worshipping God as it has a strong effect in the spiritual side of the people. These performances are offered during temple festivals and other functions. It is held against the frame by a platted strap mechanism visible from the open opposite side. Rebana Skor yike Skor romonea.

It consists of a circular wooden frame with one end closed with cow skin membrane and the other end open. Classical Indian Dance Costumes. Indian musical instruments. Indeed it also naturally makes the person sway, clap their hands or stamp their feet in synchronisation to the beat or actually dance.

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The word Thappu came into practice predominantly during Nayakar's rule in Tamil Nadu. Dalits are the lowest ranking members of the Hindu social order, outside the four classes of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras.

KalamKari Fabrics Synthetic Fabrics. Prior to every performance, Parai drummers will heat their instruments, holding them extremely close to a small bonfire. It is considered as one of the symbols of Tamil culture. The Thappu is extensively used in temple festivals, religious celebrations, folk music and dance.


It is a circular drum with cow skin membrane. The Thappu drums beats are almost identical to the Parai and similarly is so powerful and captivating. Parai was also played at weddings, temples, functions and in farms for the labourers. Overview The Thappu is extensively used in temple festivals, religious celebrations, folk music and dance. Product Description The thappu is a percussion and folk instrument of India.

This music got promoted from centuries of being played only at funerals to mainstream music. It was the cause of the rapid decline of this classical instrument as an art form. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. It is mostly organised in star hotels in relation to corporate events. It is famous for its rigid and loud sound, and the loud sound is produced by heating the instrument in bond fire.

Fresh leaves are then used to rub against the heated playing surface to cool parts of the drum to fine tune it. This stick is positioned at a angle pointed downward.

Parai music is everywhere now. Parai, at that time a Tamil cultural symbol, was banned from playing at any auspicious ceremonies. There is no party without the Parai beats. Single layer of cow or water buffalo skin is stretched across one side of the circular frame.

Drumming is also learned through the recitation of spoken syllables reminiscent of solkattu in Carnatic music. Although capable of producing the same sound as the predecessor it is more delicate as the skin can sometime come of the frame.

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Swamy Weapons Accessories. More on the Products Colour Variations Colour Variations Colours may slightly vary or may not, from what you see on your monitor with the actual piece. This instrument is used in old ages for declaration and announcement for gathering the public by mostly all kings of South India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This art of instrument music was revived by a village called Vadipatti near Madurai, which is famous for Thappattam. Bharatiya Sangeet Vadya Indian classical music Jivari. Musicians learn through years of unconscious absorption, conscious listening, imitation, and practice. The heat from the fire absorbs the moisture in the drum head tightening them considerably.

When seated and playing with sticks drum is held vertically on the lap and rested against the chest. The stick held on the left hand is usually long and thin made of the Portia Poovarasam tree. It was performed in the courts of Sangam, Chola, and Pandiyan rulers. Get store credit and free return shipping.

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We encourage you to do your own mixes. We request you to provide us a good platform in your events so that it reaches every nook and corner of the cultural world. Freedom fighters have also used this instrument for messages to deliver to the public. Thali mangalsutra Wedding Garlands. We will gladly promote your mixes for free.

This stick is positioned at an angle pointed downward. The performances last for many hours when performed in temples. Others Artifical garlands Stage Decorations.

Similarly to the Parai, the Thappu, has also been used in the classical Sangam periods. Notation As an aural tradition, Parai folk drumming does not have a codified system of written notation. Until the late nineties, the Parai folk drum is mostly associated with Dalit communities formerly known as untouchables. In recent years the Thappu has been revived to become a symbol of cultural identity. Prior to every performance the Thappu is tuned by holding the head extremely close to a small bonfire, sabarimala ayyappan songs made exactly for that reason.

The base of the stick is gripped by the thumb and index fingers and balanced between the middle and ring fingers. Kemp Stones Jewellery Sets. Virtual Instrument Museum of Wesleyan University.

Other hard woods such as Jackfruit wood can also be used as an alternative for the short stick. Percussion portal Frame drums at Wikimedia Commons. Metallic Bangles and Bracelets. It is popular for more than years in tamilnadu.