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When he Yusuf had furnished them with provisions, someone placed the king's drinking cup in his brother's baggage. Each episode in the series begins with a poly-phonic recitation of the first four verses ayah of the chapter surah on Yusuf. By the time the seven years were over, the granaries were full. The movie was filmed in Persian.

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The whole story about Imam Ali, the friend and companion of Prophet Muhammad. In fact, even the name of the Prophet Yusuf occurs only once or twice in passing in Surah Al-An'am and Surah Ghaafir, registration form template in php but there is no story at all. The noble Prophet Jacob preaches the message of monotheism to a polytheistic nation whilst a drought further accelerates the tension between Jacob and his people.

We are in great distress due to the famine. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. It is important to act in such a manner as to preserve your honour and dignity, and these qualities must always be safeguarded. Both men had been accused of trying to poison the king. Audible Download Audio Books.

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The second one, who carried the bread on his head in the dream, will be executed and the birds will start to eat his brain. Later he gave them all accommodation at his own house, and asked Binyameen to sleep in his room. Then, they came across a dry well. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

In all difficulties and hardships one should seek only Allah's protection. The very good use of location and music is an added extra. On hearing this very reasonable and sensible interpretation of his dream from the wine-server, the king was delighted.


He asked the nobles to tell him the meaning of his dream if they were able to. Allah has been gracious to me.

Mukhtar Thaqafi was a Shiite Muslim leader who sets up a rebellion movement in A. As you can see, I give each of you a certain amount of grain, I am a polite host. The brothers were amazed to hear their secret from the Aziz, who now spoke in the language of the people of Kanaan. It is a chronological story from the beginning to the end.

After that there will be a famine for seven years during which all the food-grain lying in the storehouses will be finished and people will starve. The king dreamt that seven lean cows were eating seven fat ones and that there were seven green ears of corn and seven dry ones. The belief in the presence of Allah makes a man's troubles easier for him to bear, and as long as he keeps himself away from sins despite temptations, he will ultimately be successful. When they opened their bags they were delighted to see that their money had been returned.

Prophet yusuf

Best Of All this is free so download now and read the story now. After many trials, Allah raised him from the position of a slave to the highest rank in the land. His father loved him dearly. Some time afterward Joseph has a dream which proves to have ambiguous connotations.

They arrived home weeping and told their father that while they were grazing their sheep, a wolf came and ate their brother. As he raced for the door she ripped his shirt from behind. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Yusuf's brothers came to him and when they entered his court, he recognised them.

The movie has a very moving storyline and a slow paced build-up, which is a positive thing for once. The dreams of both men came true just as he had foretold. Allah may forgive you your sins. Leave Binyameen with me for company so that I may not be lonely. If you do not bring him, do not come to us for we shall not give you any more grain.

Prophet Yousuf All Episodes HD

Prophet Yousuf All Episodes HD

The story of six nobles and one sheepman who become Christian, run away from Romans to a cave where they will sleep years, from Islamic view. Now take my shirt and cover my father's face with it, so that he may regain his lost sight. He provided them with enough wheat for their needs and had their money put back in their bags secretly. When a politically exiled man Ansari meets strange rural people with weird actions and accents in a village called Barareh. He remained behind in Egypt, rather than face his father.

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She called forty of them to the palace for a meal. After repeated promises the brothers finally convinced him that they would sincerely look after Binyameen, so he let him accompany them to Egypt. This article needs additional citations for verification. Thats the emotional roller-coaster you can expect. He was determined that when the famine arrived, nobody should starve.

The whole surah is nothing but a story. The writers explain that a very thorough research had been done prior to filming the series. There are lots of characters that do a very good job, but this text will be too long. Realistic depictions of everyday life are represented. However, he asked Binyameen not to tell their brothers anything of their conversation.

In return for his forbearance, Allah raised his position till it was the highest in Egypt. He is told to prepare himself and his subjects with evil and unearthly creatures that haunt the men. In her anger and frustration, she caused him to be imprisoned on false charges of assault. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Faeghe schemes to gain further custody of Joseph.

Utorrent Hazrat Yousuf Full Movie In Urdu Torrent

The brothers had no choice but to leave for Kanaan. He allocated extra money to the farmers in the most fertile areas of the Nile, so that they would be able to grow the maximum amount of grain.

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