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Between the client and the contractor and other parties and how work will be executed. They are expressed as equivalent vulgar fractions. Work the extent of which is not known shall be described as provisional or given in bills approximate quantizes. The cost of transportation charges should also be known.

Reference should be made to the specific clauses of the contract being used in order to approach a claim correctly. The estimator decides whether to include their costs separately or include them in bills. Dimensions shall never be erased, obliterated or altered. Sets out the contractual responsibilities and liabilities. Prime cost sums The term prime cost sum P.

The various elements of engineering involved in it viz. Spot Items - These items are alteration and repair items of a building. Timesing Timesing is effected by entering the required number followed by an olblique stroke.

The item or dimension immediately following the deduction shall be preferred with the word Add. Used for negotiating further contract. High caliber client management skills are required v. He wishes to adjust on the tender figures, he gives a discount.

This is something of value exchanged by hands. Do not use ditto at the head of a new page or the head of a column. He has the authority to reject whatever is not in conformation with the works specifications B.

Quantity Surveyor Diary Bills Of Quantities (Senior Lecturer note)

Estimation and Quantity Surveying notes book pdf download

Here a list of all materials to be used for the expected works is given and the contractor attaches the price on each. This system is commonly used by public bodies. Taking off - taking dimensions from drawings and entering them, with appropriate description on dimensions sheets. To calculate approximate estimate for a Hospital, per bed cost is calculated from the recent campleted hospital and is multiplied with the number of beds required. Handling and treatment of materials iii.

Provision for site visits. Applying prices to these quantities, one would come up with the total estimate of the work. Where a special relationship exists between the employer and the building contractor Main Benefits i. Merits It is cheap to evaluate the tender.

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In these notes all important definition for exams and short explanation for every topic is given. This comprises squaring the dimensions and transferring the resultant lengths, areas and volumes to the abstract. When writing fractions in the timesing column, a horizontal line rather than a diagonal slash must be used to avoid any confusion with timesing. If the contractor violate the provisions of the contract in any other way In the eventuality of the occurrence of any of the above, the client shall notify the contractor in writing. Valuation for interim certificates iv.

Full knowledge of the costs Dis-advantages i. Such sums shall be deemed to be excusive of any profit required be general contractor and provision shall be made for addition thereof. The retained money is released to the contractor at the expiry of the defect liability period after ascertaining that the work is free of any defects. Work shall be measured net as fixed in position overlaps.


It provides the basis for the preparation of cash flow during the construction. Welcome to EasyEngineering, One of the trusted educational blog. Dimension sheets are used working from top to bottom of the left hand set columns and then continuing down from top to bottom of the right hand set of columns.

Civil Notes (Quantity surveying Concrete Steel)

Numbers for numbered items are entered in the centre of the dimension column with a line beneath. Cost analysis for use in future approximate estimating vi. An estimate is the anticipated or probable cost of work and is usually prepared before the construction is taken up.

About Welcome to EasyEngineering, One of the trusted educational blog. The data can be had from a similar construction already complete in the nearby area, excuted by the department. Contractual Claims The above list is not exhaustive and claims can always be made A General under other contractual grounds. No incentive for the contractor to reduce costs iii.

During the construction of the project the client and the contractor use the bills as the basis for financial management. The quantities prepared were not only those of materials but specific elements in the structure like walls, roof, e. It became necessary to take off measurement and prepare quantities of work involved.

Used to calculate the quantity of materials. Post Contract Duties of a Quantity Surveyor. Thus quantity survey gives quantities of work done in case of each items, email password stealer when priced gives the total cost.