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Librettist, director, lyricist Nov. Freefall over a giant gorge hundreds of feet in the air Leave your stomach behind, this is only for the fearless. Ocean depths call to the souls of scuba divers Scuba diving is a relatively new sport. Zipline off of the Eiffel Tower More Info. This video from Nielsen highlights the fast changing Indian consumer and their changing needs from the marketplace.


There are too many Russians in jail charged with posting something offensive on Facebook or other social media outlets. He starred in thirteen Broadway musicals, including Robinson Crusoe Jr. The findings indicate that social media is the online destination of choice in India, ahead of news and sports sites. Kalmar got his start working with various composers, but spent most of his career collaborating with Harry Ruby. Irving's mellifluous voice and gift for broad comedy provided some of the brightest moments in both flops and hits.

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The Silent national anthem is very beautiful and it captures the true essence of Hindustan. This impressive ad promoting the brand Trueroot creates a connection with Indians in a very unique and touching way. This video from Nielsen demonstrates how digital is going to change the way Indian consumers are connecting and engaging with each other, and what it means for marketers. The global survey by Forrester Research, go pack go mp3 found that three out of four Chinese and Indian web users write blog posts or upload pictures and music. The internet is a gateway to world knowledge as well as a massive platform for national media and documentation.

India constitutes a particularly attractive market for the company, given the size of its population, alongside rising internet penetration and digital literacy levels. This video from Nielsen illustrates the changing habits of rural India India's million consumers. These two shows enjoyed similar success in Britain, making Kern the first American composer to see his shows win acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

Internet access is mainstreaming among professionals and the use of mobile is intensifying. This origami artist wanted to pay tribute to their favorite coffee shop using a book's pages.

But the risks can be minimized with proper precautions and the allure of the deep is powerful enough to make the risks worthwhile. Kern's best music has a timeless appeal.

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Meet the two sisters behind The Home Sort, a professional organizing company that tidies up so you don't have to. Read the Digital Intelligence India special report.

Disney has a sparkly line of rose gold desserts From rose gold Rice Krispies and rose gold cake pops, Disney has outdone itself again. Keel's robust voice and easy comic acting brought him immediate big-screen stardom. As online commerce and internet audiences accelerate, the web is moving to the centre of the retail and information culture in key demographic groups. World in Photos Here's a look at the top photos from around the globe. Wodehouse to write a series of musicals for Broadway's intimate Princess Theatre.

Extradition hearing for Huawei executive set for January A Canadian court says an extradition hearing will begin in January for a top executive of the Chinese tech company Huawei wanted by the U. Chinese baker sculpts giant cake into amazing life-size wedding dress The life-size couture gown will wow your guests at your wedding. When his fourth wife Ruby Keeler became a major film star, Jolson's jealous behavior drove her to divorce. Soon afterward, he married the song's author, Sylvia Fine, who continued to provide him with hilarious special material for the rest of his career.

Scuba divers are able to explore a mysterious and beautiful world where creatures swim freely and coral reefs resemble some sort of alien landscape. Maria Dovgolenko Dancer, singer, actress b. Jumper rope swings off meter tall building This man wanted to show off his base jumping skills in a unique way by using a rope swing to jump off a meter tall building. Kalmar and Ruby's songs were often far more memorable than the films they adorned.

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Doctors alarmed that flu killed detained migrant teen A year-old from Guatemala died of complications of the flu while in U. Smart marketers keep on top of the scale of change and ensure their marketing strategies and touchpoints mirror where the consumer is spending their time. Always look at the load times to ensure your consumers see your message quickly. Earlier this week, a memo surfaced in Ukraine, allegedly revealing how former Vice President Joseph R.

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Here's what you need to know about all of their new rose gold desserts. Dennis Pratt Singer, actor Nov. In his final years, Kelly was delighted by the resurgent interest in classic musical film. Meet the two sisters behind The Home Sort, a professional organizing company that tidies up so you don't have to These two sisters own their own professional organizing company, The Home Sort. This man wanted to show off his base jumping skills in a unique way by using a rope swing to jump off a meter tall building.

Couple who died in Fiji emailed about illness. Meet this real-life bloodsucking vampire couple who even share a pet wolf! In India, women spend the same amount of time on their smartphones as compared to men. Asa Yoelson Minstrel, vaudevillian, singer, actor Mar. Amazingly, the artist folded the pages until it formed into the unmistakable shape of the famous coffee shop's mermaid logo.

The boy was unharmed as the rescue operation was completed in a timely fashion. Scuba divers often describe the sensation of weightlessness as being similar to floating in space.

To support our clients and partners we've collated together research that provides a snapshot of the online economy in India today, and there is a supporting online resources page. Computer software is the most visited retail category in India, and the only one which greatly outpaces global averages. Enbridge seeks court ruling on Great Lakes oil pipeline deal Enbridge Inc. Keith eventually joined forces with manager E. Todd Wood - The Washington Times.

Mobile marketing in India? The Trump administration has made the decision to push for regime change in Iran, whether U. Meanwhile, wired access is steeply falling. Internet access growth started accelerating in and both the web and email have now mainstreamed as both a consumer and business tool.

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The Democratic-led House voted Thursday to recommit the U. However, there are sharp contrasts in how they use their phones, according to new research. Read Digital intelligence India. This handsome, six foot three inch baritone came from an impoverished family that disapproved of his show business aspirations. Firefighter hangs upside down to rescue toddler trapped in a deep well The boy was unharmed as the rescue operation was completed in a timely fashion.

The number of people with access continues to rise, but so too does the time they spend online. It's one of the primary motivations for going online. Woman graduates college after being told she'd die as newborn. From rose gold Rice Krispies and rose gold cake pops, Disney has outdone itself again. Madhouse offers brands mobile solutions across the spectrum of paid, owned and earned media on smart phones and tablets.

The market is nationally driven with extra campaigns coming from global brands, but most of the budget confined to national businesses. Though his works are rarely heard today, Jones was the one of the first British stage composers after Arthur Sullivan to enjoy international success. America's Funniest Home Videos. Time-lapse video taken over the course of several days shows just how much work goes into each crayon portrait.