Speedometer Dashboard For Excel

Many Excel expert criticized speedometer kind of solutions, so we have created a unique, never published example. This dashboard is called dual gauge chart template because it is based on the combination of two speedometers. If you are interested in creating speedometer, ancestory sf font you can read this tutorial. We can imagine the great excel dashboard we can create using this solution!

The decision is of course Yours as always, we can only share you our experiences with you. And we proudly own up to this. It is even worth to draw up a paper based sketch.

And there are few charts which are specific and can be used to present a specific kind of data. The Target field controls the maximum value we would like to display.

In order for the dashboard to be easily understood we abolished the complex formulas and come up with a new idea. Good work- you'll have me out of a job! When we done with this we will do the unique filling of the color zones. Finally a step by step instruction that is understandable and actually works! You can change it if you want to have a different range.

To create a speedometer chart, you need to prepare some data at first. Overlap with the two graphs and you are done. Single Data Point Tracking.

After that, select the label chart and do the same with it by adding labels from the second data table. Right click at the doughnut to select Select Data from context menu.

Like always, the decision is yours! It makes this profession beautiful! Change it as per your convenience as required.

Excel Speedometer Dashboard Mr Dashboard

As for the formula shown, I am looking for words to explain the same. Again you can create your online dashboard report by simply using your excel data and clicking a button in excel. The pointer value is the real value which you want to track. That way the pointer appeared to be in a more realistic position within the scale. Regarding calculations we strived to make the logic of the dashboard quickly and easily understandable.

Steps to Create a SPEEDOMETER in Excel

Each segment is representing a color range typically red, yellow and green. The development of the dual gauge template is done!

Delete the legends and all except the graph line. For example, if you are using it to present customer satisfaction rate then you can only show the current rate. In the Edit Series dialog, specify the new series name and select the series values.

Gauge Chart

You can also use and share the same dashboard reports offline as well. This will be useful to create dashboards in excel itself. My customers will be very confused by this. Select Combo at the bottom.

On the next picture we show you briefly how simple it is. After the well-known Excel charts and dull dashboards, we have experimented with something completely new. It will then cover the two whees. You can also use this in several other fields the possibilities are uncountable. The real speedometer dashboard provides key performance information about current indicators.

Select the Donut Chart series! You have to know that nothing is impossible with the use of the gauge chart!

How to Create a SPEEDOMETER Chart Gauge in Excel

You can visit the English version of this link. We will show you the creation of the gauge chart and all of the articles we have written about this subject in the past years. It is an efficient method to manipulate your data without the need for difficult procedures. This is wonderful and clearly described. Please check your email after payment to download your product.

Do you often find yourself playing catch-up with work, lack of time to spend for yourself and family? See the image for more info. Select the Pie Chart series!

Gauge Chart in Excel - Easy Excel Tutorial

It would create templates that are spitting images of each other. At this point, you have a chart like below. The fourth data table controls the ticker of the speedometer.

So if you need to track data like Sales, Production where you have more than one point then there is no way for it. One second to switch between dozens of open documents, and reduce hundreds of mouse clicks for you every day! Dual Gauge Template is our most liked free gauge chart template!

Align the pin graph with the dial graph and you are done. Instead of long hours before, now it is only a matter of minutes to create a business dashboard or report.