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You can set this option using data-rateyo-num-stars attribute. Revamp generation of rating via refresh method.

Correct caption and clear rendering methods. Call the method below in rating. Using Bower bower install rateyo. Although it does the same job as the rest of the jQuery star rating plugins, the main difference is its simplicity.

Any star symbol unicode or icon font can be embedded instead of Glyphicon. The votes need to be stored somewhere or at leas the current average and whether or not a user voted already should be stored on the server too.

ComboStars is a tiny, fast jQuery plugin used to transform a select list into a basic star rating system. You can override the default start and end colors by specifying an Object as follows. This option can be given during the plugin initialization only, adobe photoshop cs6 smoke brushes to replace the current star with a custom shape. Enable scroll when rating is readonly or disabled.

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It is quite small, does not produce massive amounts of inline styles and is mostly compatible with existing css for the Prototype Starbox. It uses jQuery rating plugin. Better Rating is a lightweight rating system for rating anything that helps you create beautiful rating forms with jQuery and Font Awesome icons. Update German Translations. The jQuery hillRate plugin helps developers to implement a responsive, highly customizable star rating system on the web app.

You can set this option using data-rateyo-normal-fill attribute. Styling enhancements and code optimizations.

Hover to change the rating and Click to set. You need to be extra careful with these options. Hacks - The Radioactive Options You need to be extra careful with these options. If not used properly, the plugin may not function as expected.

Correct caption setting when showCaption is false. View our Recommended Plugins. Add support for bootstrap-sass official repo via sass branch. The community can reverse my decision if they wish. RateIt was updated last week.

Ratemate is a jQuery plugin for ratings. Validate on touchstart for devices that do not support click event. As a jQuery lover and development freak I keep looking for new and useful jquery plugins for my readers.

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More correct form reset event listening. Questions on Stack Overflow are expected to relate to programming within the scope defined by the community. Should have cookies or sessions to prevent multiple ratings or some other mechanism. Most plugins create an element for each partial star, be it a div with a star background, or an img tag.

Use input's attributes to customize the star rating widget. Refactor code for listening events and deep extend options correctly. This option will not work when multiColor option is set.

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Added create method to create the rating plugin typically after a destroy. Anyway, feel free to post on meta if you feel you have a case to make for reopening this. Useful for caption to be displayed as title for readonly ratings.

How do we grade questions? It also uses FontAwesome which enables you to use any of the icons for your widget!

PHP MySql Jquery AngularJS Ajax Codeigniter Laravel Tutorial

RatingStars is a small and blazing fast jQuery rating plugin used to view and submit ratings using stars or something else. This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by kartik-v. Download and include this plugin in your html file.

Using npm npm install rateyo. This new rating shall be passed in the second parameter to the event handler. You can set this option using data-rateyo-precision attribute.

Bootstrap style is made optional and configurable. Questions that ask for product suggestions are explicitly off-topic for our site. Create a number input on the page. The requirement for the above will be replaced with the theme property and can also be implemented using the containerClass property. Bar Rating is a minimal and lightweight jQuery plugin that turns a standard select box into a flexible bar rating widget.

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When the user clicks on a star, the value of your choice is selected just like a select option. Add Romanian Translations. The Awesome Rating library lets you create a simple, flexible, customizable rating system for products, images, articles, and posts.