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Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston Jeff Goldblum has more to his name than simply the title of actor who appeared in one of the highest grossing films of all times, also known as Jurassic Park. They eventually learned they just were too different in ways that went beyond a difference in age. Melina Papadopoulos Love does not discriminate, and that rule applies whether you are an average Joe or a celebrated movie star or singer. Us Weekly Michael Douglas is a great deal older than his wife.

Although nearly a decade separates the two in age, they have managed to build a happy, loving relationship together. They even had a beautiful daughter named Suri.

These Celebrity Couples Have Huge Age Differences Between Them

There is a ten-year age difference between the two. This still seems to hold true for the legendary stud, who in got engaged to longtime girlfriend Hayley Roberts. They were the ultimate proof of age being just a number and nobody suspected a hitch in their relationship.

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Perhaps she is on to something after all. Everywhere the two show up, they are always standing side by side, hand in hand.

Although that factor was not nearly as brow-raising for the public as the year gap between him and his spouse. Just two years later, they were engaged. Perhaps more than their age gap, John and Furnish have been celebrity icons of same-sex marriage.

The only thing that separates them? Murdoch had quite the proposal in mind, choosing to pop the question at the Golden Globes ceremony.

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The two first locked eyes in and a romance was born. The two married in but then divorced two years later. Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas He is an acclaimed actor and comedian. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Harrison Ford was never one to flaunt his love life, no matter how perfect it seemed.

Celebrity couples with big age difference

The Sun Of course, one detail has raised a few eyebrows. Throughout it all, the couple had a considerable age difference between them. Katy Perry and Russell Brand Although the two are no longer together, they were quite the talk of Hollywood when they were a pair. Hello Magazine The chemistry was definitely apparent in their joint flick about a post World War I Australian couple.

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson This Hollywood power couple truly proves that love is blind, at least when it comes to matters of age. Sadly, though, the two are no longer together.

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The Inquisitr The couple dated for about seven years before deciding to get married and stayed together for another six years after that. They got married four years after that. Less than a year later, they married. They made a beautiful couple for a while.

Soon after, she was ready to try her hand at love again with someone new. What they may not know is that she shares a very special relationship with veteran actress Holland Taylor. Us Weekly The world eventually learned the pair were dating when Ashley and Richard were spotted with sister Mary-Kate, who is also married to an older man. The only other difference between them?

Eventually, Anne-Marie gave birth to a son. Slate What some might not know is that the couple has a nine-year age difference between them. The two are separated by an age gap of nine years.

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse If you saw these two looking adorable together, you probably would not even think about the age difference that separates them. The duo has had two daughters since they got together. In any case, it seems nothing can stop them from loving each other and from the looks of it, that is the most important feature. They married in and went strong for quite some time.

While there is a year age difference between the two, they never seem to acknowledge it. For them, love truly prevails, age a mute afterthought. They realize in their hearts that love is love and age is just a number. The two first met in while in Mexico.

But what really got people talking was the age difference between Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Olivier Sarkozy is not a film star or some Hollywood icon but instead is the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Their relationship remained relatively low-profile for most of the time.

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne The romance between these two British pop music stars could serve as inspiration for a sweeping love ballad. In Touch Weekly One thing about their relationship that raises a few eyebrows is the age difference between the two. They continue to live happily together, paying no mind to their seemingly glaring age difference.

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The following celebrity couples all have big age differences but tried their very best to show that age is truly only a number. Their relationship has not been without its bumps. Yet in spite of their age difference, they continue to baffle Hollywood with their unshakeable love and resilience. However, dg information society tinder dating site Jerry Hall has recently settled down with a new man of her dreams.