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That percentage is zero if you live in neither of those countries and none of those restrictions apply to you. And that is exactly the purpose of this site. Please enable it to have full site functionality available.

They act as free web anonymizers that aim to unblock blocked websites and offer free anonymous web surfing. How do I unblock restricted websites like YouTube for free?

How to unblock YouTube videos. Did you know that YouTube videos have hidden tags descriptive keywords attached to them by their uploader?

You might also enjoy following me on Twitter. Middle East Media Research Institute. If there are very few low anonymity proxies based in the country you choose, consider widening the proxy anonymity category to include medium anonymity proxies. Adding an additional index can absolutely destroy performance, so always test your changes! This book index represents our nonclustered index.

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If there is no account-related message, probably the site has been blocked using Internet Options. Google Transparency Report. Create a new addHostEntry. We don't know if the data that we have is good enough to make a broad generalizations about all of YouTube, but no other similar project exists anywhere on the Internet, so this will just have to do. But basically if you ever want to see that video, you would actually need to be located in one of those regions where that YouTube video is not restricted.

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If you know the password, you can click the button and change settings. Censorship Freedom of speech Internet censorship. The ban was condemned by Human Rights Watch.

Awesome question, glad to find the info ready and waiting. The physical storage order of our data is defined by our clustered index. Another way of finding out which sort of videos YouTube is most likely to block, is by calculating the percentage of videos blocked in each category. Just in case anyone uses this almost perfect script, I found a minor issue with it when it requires the permission and you are passing parameters into the script. So if you find that you are unable to open or access some websites, here are a few things you may want to try out.

You may not be able to access a particular website due to some outage. Freedom Against Censorship Thailand. You will need to get rid of the spaces i. Some have more restrictions than others. Once we know the page number for noble gases from our index, we can flip to the correct page and get the data we need.

This point is applicable to any remote web based proxy server. YouTube was blocked in Tunisia for several years before the Tunisian Revolution. Finally, not all countries are equally lucky with YouTube. History Censorship Copyright issues Social impact.

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Set the ip of the domains you set in the list above set diqc. If not, you will have to ask permissions from your parents or network admin. After reading each scenario, take a guess about what kind of index you would add and then read the answer to see what I would do in that scenario. Some of the tips may be repeated in this article. Internet censorship in China.

Blocking of YouTube videos in Germany. This online tool lets you see check any YouTube video to see in which countries it is blocked. We get speed and efficiency in our data lookups, ebook ing website but with the cost of losing disk space. For that you would need a Canadian or British proxy or whatever.

Eight days later, the ban was lifted. It is of no use to use an American Web Proxy to bypass regional restrictions if that video is blocked in America. But how would you even know if that video is not blocked in Canada too? Every table can have exactly one clustered index because the data in a table can only be stored in one order i.

If the order is random and not explicitly defined then that table is known as a heap. This is an ongoing case and is commonly known as the YouTube case.

YouTube is currently banned in People's Republic of China, Iran, Libya and Turkmenistan, while also being censored in many other countries. Which one does it add to the file.

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