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Perform network operations using Cronet. You can do this by simply duplicating your existing project and give it a new name. One way to avoid duplicating large portions of your application code is to use a library project. Remember and authenticate users.

Save data in a local database. When such conflicts occur, you will see a warning message, but you can still publish your application. Communicate with wireless devices.

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YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader

Optimizing for Battery Life. Supporting swipe-to-refresh.

For help deciding which to use, read Distributing to Specific Screens. This ensures that when a device receives a system update, classical music Google Play can offer the user an update for your application because updates are based on an increase in the app version code. Play Install Referrer Library. Protecting against security threats with SafetyNet.

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Reduce network battery drain. Performing network operations. Build and test apps for accessibility.

Adding search functionality. This scheme for version codes is just a suggestion for how you should establish a pattern that is scalable as your application evolves. Interact with peripherals. Manage device awake state.

Android-powered devices may differ in several ways and it's important to the success of your application that you make it available to as many devices as possible. Optimize for entry-level devices such as those running Android Go edition. Google Play Install Referrer. Transfer data using Sync Adapters. Improving layout performance.

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Transferring data without draining the battery. Supporting game controllers. Get started with instant games.

You maintain only one set of product details app description, icons, screenshots, etc. Testing app component integrations. Adding wearable features to notifications. In particular, this scheme doesn't demonstrate a solution for identifying different texture compression formats.

See Features Reference for a list of features supported by the platform. Get started with instant apps. Intents and intent filters.

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Transmit network data using Volley. Building effective unit tests.